Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Faith in Humankind Comes From Acts of Kindness

Submitted Photo | Jim and Jo Mayers, with the lost wallet that was returned to them in an act of kindness.

A little story for you in honor of the Million Acts of Kindness Week. As I walked out of the Post Office on Marco Island one day, I met Jim and Jo Mayers from Ohio. I commented on his interesting rearview mirror he had attached to his helmet so he could keep an eye on his wife behind him! They said they went on a bike ride a few weeks ago enjoying beautiful Marco Island. They stopped at Dollar General for a break and bought a few greeting cards. Jim put his wallet down on the bench outside the store while they re-read their cards and had a good laugh. He left his wallet on the bench when they continued their bike ride. A short time after they returned home, he realized he left his wallet on that bench and called the Dollar General, but it had already closed for the night. They went through the painful task of cancelling credit cards and bank cards and worried his wallet, embossed with his alma mater that he loved so much, Ohio State, was probably long gone.

The next morning Jim and Jo called the store and there wasn’t anything in the lost and found. The clerk then asked the closing manager from the night before. He said that a young, Hispanic man who didn’t speak much English had given the wallet to him when he was closing the store for the night and he put it in his pocket meaning to put it in the Lost and Found but accidently took it home. With a sigh of relief, Jim and Jo went to the store and picked up the wallet. They enjoyed another sigh of relief, because not only was it his Ohio State wallet, but everything in it was still intact, including every dollar and his driver’s license, which was what he was most concerned about.

A big shout out to the gentleman who returned the wallet whose name is not known. Thank you for keeping the faith in humankind! You’ve done a kind thing not everyone would have done. A thank you also goes to the employees at Dollar General, Jason and Chris.

Not only do the Mayers love Marco Island even more now after this, but they said the people here are kind, honest and caring and it made their stay on Marco that much better. If you found a wallet or an envelope with money in it, or a piece of jewelry, would you try to return it to the rightful owner? Something to ponder on as these actions provided a happy ending and an even better reputation for Marco Island and its people. Kindness is a choice. Try to do something kind every day, even if it’s just smiling at someone who looks like they’ve had a rough day. It truly makes the world a better place!


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