Thursday, April 22, 2021

Events Enjoy Community Support



What a great evening it was at the 20th Anniversary celebration of the Marco Island Charter Middle School (MICMS) held at the Marco Island Country Club! The people were mostly dressed in Western wear, and they were in the greatest mood for a great party! At the beginning of the party, the MICMS band played such good music, it was hard to believe they were middle schoolers. I understand some of them had never played a note before joining the band. In fact, a few past band members joined them as well. I’ve never seen that before, but it was amazing. There must have been at least 200 people there who all enjoyed the great food and wait staff, the prizes, the auctions, and The Ben Allen Band! Wow, they’re terrific! Betty Newman led the line dancing and the floor was full most of the time. They kept the party people dancing and laughing and enjoying and singing right along with them. Tarik Ayasun, the president of the MICMS board, stood like a proud dad of the school and the youth they teach. Their program said that their school educates students primarily from Lely Elementary, Manatee Elementary, Parkside Elementary, and Tommie Barfield Elementary schools. They said the bus service transports students from two miles, and includes Verona Walk, 6-L’s Farms, and East Naples. The party included every outstanding name on Marco Island. They are all supportive of the school and the good work it does, but then that’s Marco Island for you! They support, help and work with each other to make each and every event an outstanding success!

• The Marco Island Historical Society held the first (I would guess the first of many) Pineapple Day at the Museum. There were at least a few hundred people there in the two short hours it was held. They offered delicious pineapple juice and little coconut and pineapple cookies and cakes and Lilly Pulitzer had a table with darling items for sale. They held tours of the museum, and the gift shop was open and buzzing with people. Austin Bell was there, signing the terrific book he wrote about the history of Marco Island. I believe he is already working on his next book!

• The Marco Island Coast Guard Auxiliary held their annual Change of Watch recently. Many Marco officials were there including the really personable new city manager, the Council Chairman Jared Grifoni and his wife, Councilors Charlette Roman, Larry Honig, and Howard Reed and his wife, plus yours truly. It was such a nice evening with people who constantly serve our water community and keep it safe for boaters and sportsman. These dedicated men and woman are there for us day and night, all those times when people have trouble — and that trouble never seems to come in gorgeous weather. The ceremony took place at the Marco Island Yacht Club, a perfect location for boaters. The new Commodore is John Montville and the retiring

Commodore is Doug Bartlett. They received congratulations and good wishes from everyone who attended.

• Pickleball is swinging into action! Yes, again it will be held during the last week in April at the East Naples Community Park. The draft was opened at 9 PM on Wednesday for 1,500 people, but by 11 PM they already had 2,000 players signed up to play, and by the morning that number grew to 2,200. Ten new courts are being added. There is excitement in the air! This year it’s even going to be a bigger event than the first two years! They will be signing up volunteers soon to help with many jobs and assignments. Kiwanians will direct the parking of the cars. Minto Communities are again the major sponsor.

• Aren’t gasoline prices interesting to read and compare? It’s amazing that one station can sell for a better price than the one two blocks down the road which sells for 20 cents more, and then further down the road it sells for two cents more. I wonder what it would cost in the next county over?

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