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By Donna Fiala

What a wonderful week it has been! At the Erich Kunzel Series Friday featuring the Paradise Coastmen and West of Galway, I was happy to see Marco Islanders there as well. The place was filled to overflow, including 3 added rows of seats and STILL standing room only. The concert only charges $10, and the music was worth so much more. The next Erich Kunzel Concert Series will feature the Naples Orchestra and Chorus on Friday, March 18th at Edison College. The performance starts at 7pm and refreshments are served during intermission. The last of the series will be held on April 15th and will feature Naples Music Club. *The 3rd Sunday of each month at 2pm is the Jazz Concert at the Botanical Garden. The music is just wonderful and every one who attends leaves feeling happy. The cost is only the price of admission to the Garden. These two series are planned and orchestrated by the Bayshore Cultural and Performing Arts (CAPA) group. They have provided a great deal of entertainment for us this year, which even included the Bayshore Festival of the Arts at Sugden Park at the end of January (again, many Islanders were there to enjoy the music), all free – and attended by over 5,000 people. This little group is really providing all of us a wonderful venue for entertainment.

*Hopefully many of you were able to attend the Goodland Boat Parade. I saw a few Marco Islanders, including Patty & Bill Holmes from the Marco Island Kiwanis Club. The day was spectacular and the event was fun. Some of the boats were really decked out and went above and beyond! A favorite was the Amish Themed Boat – they actually had a horse and buggy affect and the Mom, Dad and child were all dressed in traditional Amish clothing, and were riding in a buggy. Really cute! There was an Elvis Themed Boat and a Jail House Rock Theme, and much more. The boats took a little longer than usual to work their way through to the judges, but with such a beautiful day we didn’t mind waiting. The Goodland Boat Park looked outstanding, the hot dogs looked delicious, and the Parks people couldn’t be nicer. What a NICE Park this is! In an agreement with the Goodland residents, the County agreed to close the Park three times a year for special events – the Boat parade being one of them. Next month Goodland will be holding their 60th Anniversary and there should be lots of celebrating at the Park. You won’t want to miss it.

Letter to the Editor


The peoples Commissioner, Donna Fiala – Announces Fourth Term Bid

Donna Fiala who represents Marco Island, among others, is the peacekeeper and the voice of reason. Fiala said, “you tell me what you need and I’ll work hard to try and get it accomplished.” I have a perfect example to tell you about Commissioner Fiala. When I first approached Donna in 2009 this is her response to me about the need of a Mausoleum for Marco Island Historical for above ground burial.

Dear Mr. Lietz,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and share your plans for the construction of a mausoleum on the grounds of the Marco Island Community Cemetery. As the representative for District 1, which includes Marco Island, I can think of few better examples of bringing the freedom of choice to my constituency than by supporting the “third option” of a mausoleum.

Please accept this letter of my support not only for the construction of the mausoleum but for choice as well. Marco Island residents should never fear that dying on Marco Island means only burial or cremation. Thank you for taking the lead and pioneering this effort.

Sincerely, Donna Fiala, Chairman, Commissioner, District 1”

December 3, 2009 Letter to Doug Shropshire F.C.C.S Director – Tallahassee. And June 9, 2010 Governor Crist.

Dear Governor Crist:

While I understand various points of Mr. Shropshire’s letters, I still do not see why constructing a mausoleum on the grounds of the Marco Island Cemetery cannot be accomplished. This structure would be completed utilizing private funding on donated ground with the full backing of the future mausoleum owners, Marco Island Cemetery, Inc. as well as the entire Marco Island community.

No one person or corporation would benefit financially, as any income (in excess of operating expenses) would go directly into the Marco Island Cemetery’s Perpetual Care Fund, and everyone in the community would benefit. It should be a win-win situation for all.

I cannot understand why there is so much opposition to this. Whenever possible, people should be allowed to die with dignity and choose their final place for eternal rest. I would appreciate you looking into this and doing what you can to help us accomplish this most worthwhile venture. I await your reply.

Sincerely, Donna Fiala, Commissioner, District 1”

She has taken time in her busy schedule to try and help the City of Marco Island and has given me personal visits for this mission. Every resident/tax payer of Marco Island should get behind this great Commissioner like Donna Fiala. Live for today – you’re going to be dead for a long time. Let’s get to work. See you in the sand.

Clayton Lietz

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