Sunday, September 15, 2019

East Naples & Marco Island Residents are Stretching for Better Health at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness

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We’ve all been told about the benefits of stretching before and after athletics, but how many of us actually do it? And even when we do, proper technique can remain elusive or unknown. Inspired by his desire to return to a high-level of performance on the golf course and frustrated with the mediocre results of massage therapy, Tom Drummond introduced a novel Active Stretching program at Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness late in 2018. Since that time, Ideal has helped numerous local residents experience newfound mobility they never thought possible.

Whether you have nagging pain from general wear and tear, want to improve your athletic performance, or are simply experiencing tight muscles from the repetitive motions of work, Active Stretching can provide the relief and re-strengthening you need to get back in action.

The results speak for themselves. Mike Leroy was referred to Ideal by his golf pro to alleviate his low back pain so he could enjoy the game he loves again. After three active stretches with Matt Kuzan, Stretch Trainer at Ideal, Mike felt tremendous relief. He has continued with a weekly stretch and his golf game has steadily improved. “It feels so great to be able to swing the club with confidence and not worry about the pain shooting in my lower back,” says Mike. “The stretch routine that Matt taught me to do at home before my rounds has been an amazing benefit as well.”

Mike goes on to say, “Matt was excellent in explaining where and how I should feel each stretch as he performed them. He also explained that much of my low back pain had more to do with my hamstrings, piriformis, and gluteus muscles. Of course, he also taught me some abdominal exercises to strengthen the core muscle groups that protect my back from over extension.”

Having heard about the Active Stretching Program, Mary Thompson came in to address her low back pain that had been bothering her for some time. Tim McGee, Head Stretching Trainer, diagnosed the nature and severity of Mary’s pain and developed a plan of stretches to increase blood flow to that region and create distance between her vertebrae.

After several treatments, Mary experienced considerable relief that dramatically improved her everyday quality of life. “My back pain has gone from severe to being able to cope again. I can walk, sleep and work with less pain,” Mary remarks.

After introducing physical therapy, active stretching and personal training to its existing program of guided workouts and nutritional coaching, Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness has welcomed hundreds of new clients and patients into its family. They have just hired Katy Hutcherson as their third Active Stretch Trainer. Katy earned her B.S. in Exercise Science from University of South Florida in 2015 and has been working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since that time.

What’s more, Ideal offers their services to members and non-members alike, so you DON’T need to become a member to benefit from the wide range of services they offer.

Ideal Physical Therapy & Fitness now offers Active Stretching to the general public through affordable and flexible packages. Ideal offers a FREE 30-minute introductory stretch to all first-time customers. Call to schedule your free session and see what Active Stretching can do for you.

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