Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Dr. Rich Blonna Announces His Candidacy

Guest Commentary

Professor BestSelling AuthorDrRichard Blonna Announces That He Is Running for A Seat on The Marco Island City Council in The November 2020 Election 

In discussing why he is running for office, Dr. Blonna stated, “Marco Island is a special place and living here is a dream come true. I want to do my part to give back to the community. I am passionate about the outdoors and want to make Marco Island an even better and safer place to walk, run, bike, kayak, and paddle.  

Dr. Blonna described his three main campaign issues are: “(1) Improve the Quality of Waterways, (2) Develop a Blue/Green Recreational Master Plan, and (3) Protect Marco Island’s Small-Town Character.” 

To clarify, he went on to explain: “As a kayaker and beach runner, I run on the beach three times a week and paddle on our waterways several times a month. I am acutely aware of the state of our waterways and how they affect the quality of our lives. 

As an outdoor enthusiast, I understand the importance of making Marco Island a place where residents and guests can walk, run, push baby carriages, bike, and paddle safely. To do this we need a comprehensive plan that links these activities together in a meaningful way. 

Lastly, the best way to ensure Marco Island’s smalltown feel for generations to come is through smart growth. Smart growth ensures that all development and redevelopment enhances the smalltown feel of the island. It also supports our native species by protecting their habitat.” 

For more information and to set up an interview, please contact the candidate at richblonna@gmail.com or by cellphone at 908334 2543.  

Dr. Rich is a semi-retired college Professor Emeritus, writer, and self-help entrepreneur. He has published textbooks, self-help books, and online courses in stress management, human sexuality, and health counseling. He has been married to Heidi Blonna for 49 years and has lived on Marco Island since 2012. In addition to starting his own business DR Rich Blonna LLC in 2013, he has served on the Board of Directors of San Marco Villas Condominium Association and has been active in several clubs and organizations on Marco Island. 

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