Monday, May 17, 2021

Council Set to Interview Prospective City Managers

The Marco Island Yacht Club was the site of a Meet and Greet hosted by the Marco Island City Council for the five prospective candidates to fill the open position for city manager. Except for the brief three month stint by Dr. Lee Niblock, the permanent city manager position has been open for over two years. David Harden was hired as interim city manager in January 2019.

The five individuals will be interviewing privately with each of the councilors on both Monday and Tuesday of this week.  A public interview with those councilors will take place on Tuesday evening beginning at 5:30 PM and is open to the public.

On Tuesday evening council will attempt once again to come to an agreement on hiring one of those five candidates.  That will require a “super-majority vote” of five members to accomplish that goal.

Should they be successful in coming to an agreement regarding a choice, then Council Chairman Brechnitz and City Attorney Alan Gabriel will enter into a negotiation regarding a compensation and benefit package.

The five finalists being interviewed are;

  • Michael Bonfield from Creedmoor, North Carolina
  • Steven Barwick from Aspen, Colorado
  • Michael McNees from Grant, Florida
  • Catherine Swanson, from Coral Gables, Florida
  • Craig Coffey from Flagler Beach, Florida

None of the five are presently employed and none had previously applied to fill the vacancies.

Photos by Frank Steiger

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