Sunday, March 7, 2021

Council: Critiques and Credit




With the sole exception of our new council’s lone female member, Charlette Roman, who makes her points clear and concise, the remaining councilors trend towards long-winded discourses, irrespective of need and regardless of the Chair’s efforts to keep things moving. For example, in one instance when the Chair simply asked one councilor if he agreed with a particular statement, that councilor took a lawyerly full minute and forty seconds to say “Yes.” Please, fellas, keep it brief.

On a different subject, another councilor with an excellent command of the English language unfortunately also has a heavy foreign accent. When a heavy foreign accent, delivered at machine-gun rate, peppered generously with confusing “Okay?” is pumped out of a transmitter, squeezed into a receiver and finally gushed out of TV speakers, the inevitable result is: “What did he say??” Please, Mr. Rios, consider your electronic audience at home by slowing down your speech a little, get rid of the “Okay?” and of course, keeping it brief.

Councilors, the public needs and wants to understand your positions. Too many fancy words can, and do, get in the way.


In sharp contrast to some past City Councils, this new council seems to understand that a hired city manager is an employee who serves at the City Council’s pleasure and enjoys only a limited authority. It’s not the other way around. The attitudes, approvals and abdications of some past councils regarding their city manager had understandably confused some observers. Removing that confusion is certainly reassuring to, and appreciated by, Marco’s electorate.

Russ Colombo
Marco Island

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