Saturday, April 10, 2021




Donna Fiala

The holiday season is now behind us, and most of the lights have come down. It just doesn’t look as warm and friendly and happy as it did just a week ago…..and now it feels like we’re living up north it’s so cold and dismal. Luckily, we DO live here, and we can expect it to bounce back and be our beautiful paradise soon. Until then, I even have my heat on at home. Brrrr

*Some good things are taking place right over our bridge! Yup – the Outback is growing quickly. Hopefully, they’ll be finished before season is over. If you turn left on U.S. 41 E., go past the entrance into Carrabba’s and look right, you’ll see the Chase Bank and then a block building with some steel framing worked into the block. That’s the Outback! We’ll watch it grow together.

*The other night, I was invited by my close friends to dinner at Hideaway Beach. It was a wonderful night with lots of the nicest grandchildren everywhere, delicious food and so much friendship surrounding every table. I love an atmosphere like that! While we were there, my friend Shirlee said she had a little catastrophe on New Year’s Eve. She had invited quite a few people to dinner and was going to make ribs, but after cooking a few hours in the crock pot they just didn’t pass the smell test. Now, it’s 2 PM, and she threw everything out — she just couldn’t stand the smell. She and Brian jumped into the car and decided to go to Fresh Market because it wasn‘t too far away. She said all of the employees were cheerful and helpful; the customers were smiling and happy — even though they were six to eight deep around the meat counter! Everyone treated each other with respect and a smile on their face, and some were even joking to the other strangers standing around them. The fresh tenderloin she brought home was perfect and all ended well. What was hard for her to believe was that the place was so crowded and yet everyone was in good spirits! She said the employees were “phenomenal.”

*The Marco Airport runway rehab project will begin shortly with the airport being closed starting Jan. 13. The contractor is currently on site clearing the brush on the east side of the runway. The contractor also intends to start clearing the five-acre site on the west side of the runway next. The runway will be CLOSED for about 90 days to resurface the entire runway. The airport staff has been busy making arrangements with the Naples Airport Authority to divert displaced aircraft to the Naples Airport. For anyone who has not been contacted, you can contact Pam Reinhart at the Naples Airport at 239-643-0733 for questions about landing there. The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved suspending all hangar rent, tie-down and other use agreement fees during the duration of the construction closure. The current FAA-approved airport layout plan depicts up to an additional 30 t-hangar units (four buildings) and six additional executive-type bulk hangars, but as yet, there is no specific time table for future hangar development. It has been anticipated that once funding is received from FAA/FDOT to complete the Northwest terminal/apron area (programmed for 2015-2016), RFP’s would be solicited for commercial development of these hangars by private sector developers.

*For all you garden enthusiasts out there, the Collier County Master Gardeners will present the 2014 Educational Garden Workshop Series. Admission for the complete series is $25. The four workshops for January are: 9th – Make Your Garden Pop with Color, 16th – Edible Gardening, 23rd – New Stars for the 2014 Garden and 30th – Sustainable Florida Landscaping. There will be four more in February, including Orchids, and two more in March. The workshops will be held at Unity of Naples, 2000 Unity Way (off Davis Blvd.). For more information call the Collier County Extension office at 239-353-4244, or you can go on-line and purchase your ticket at


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