Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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Donna Fiala

Summer is going by so quickly. I’ve spent a little time in Ohio Amish Country and just finished watching a group of Amish men play baseball. These guys are so strong they almost tear the hide off the baseballs. Meanwhile the youngsters, from age 5 to 11, were playing kickball in their bare feet! The little blond tow-head 5 year old ran like the wind! You should have seen him, with his hair blowing up in the wind. So cute.

*Fresh Market has received their Temporary Certificate of Occupancy, which means they can now hire more people and start preparing the store for business. There is one problem though: they cannot find enough competent, capable, dependable people to fill the jobs. Just months ago, people everywhere were looking for jobs, now the jobs are looking for people! The grapevine told me that they would love to hire retirees who are looking for part-time work. Do you know of anyone who would like to fill up a little of their day with some good, clean, friendly work? Tell them to drop by the new Fresh Market in the Shoppes of Eagle Creek! They need them.

*Chili’s Bar & Grill is moving toward construction of their new 6,229 square foot restaurant to be built at the Westport Commerce Center on CR-951 near Davis Blvd, and in front of the Walmart – the address is 9959 Collier Blvd.

*The Collier Library system is offering discounts to all library card holders. Some of the businesses on or near Marco that are part of the program are: Sam Snead’s Tavern; Jade Orchids, 775-4546; Marco’s Pizza, 11985 Collier Blvd. Unit #5; Make A Memory, 277 N. Collier Blvd.; and Foxboro Sports Tavern on U.S. 41 E near Rattlesnake Hammock Rd. – just to name a few. During September, just show your library card at any of these businesses and receive a discount. Of course there are many more, but I just chose the ones closest to home.

*The Shorebirds of South Florida photography exhibit continues at the Marco Island Historical Museum. The exhibit features the work of Marie Adams and includes 32 photos of Southwest Florida’s shorebirds and birds of prey in all seasons and weather conditions.

The exhibit depicts the lives of these birds in their natural environments, capturing flight and landing, mating rituals, nest building, feeding the young, seasonal plumage and more. None of these photographs were taken with a flash attachment or retouched in any way, which is truly remarkable! The exhibit continues through September 26. The museum is open Tuesday’s through Saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM.

*Many people have asked about the design plans for the US-41E and SR/CR-951 Intersection Improvement and Phase 1A resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation on SR-951 from south of Fiddler’s Creek Parkway to Tower Rd. Phase 1 plans which include an ultimate at-grade intersection, are complete and will accommodate a future grade separated overpass (CR/SR-951 over US-41). In addition, a project to resurface, restore and rehabilitate SR-951 for approximately three miles from south of Fiddler’s Creek Parkway to south of US-41 E is part of this project and is called Phase 1A. Construction on this segment will coincide with the construction of the intersection improvements.

This project is being done with the help of developer contribution agreements and a Joint Participation Agreement with the FDOT. The FDOT will be funding $12 million towards the construction of the improvements. Bids were advertised and have been received. Construction is anticipated to begin this fall. Construction duration is anticipated to be 18 months. Please make sure, during this construction period, that you patronize the stores in this area, because this project will be certain to affect businesses at this intersection. They will definitely need your support!


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