Saturday, April 17, 2021

City’s Annual Amateur Photo Contest Begins

First Place for tree species was this photo of a Koreshan tree by Nancy Springer.

First Place for tree species was this photo of a Koreshan tree by Nancy Springer.

By Natalie Strom

Sponsored by the City of Marco Island and Coastal Breeze News, the Annual City of Marco Island Wildlife Amateur Photo Contest is about to begin. Last year’s photographs were incredible, and this year’s judges are excited for a brand new batch. Winners will be published in the Coastal Breeze after being selected and announced at the March 17 City Council Meeting.

The winner may not be known until March, but entries may be submitted beginning December 15. Entries will be accepted until February 28. Five qualified judges – Vickie Kelber, David Graff, Frank Steiger, Nancy Richie and Jo-Ann Sanborn – will choose the winners for every category.

This year there are seven categories. They are:

• Color Photo: Land Animals (Examples: raccoon, deer, bear, bobcat, etc.)

• Color Photo: Marine Animals (Examples: mollusks, shells, crab, fish, manatee, dolphin, etc.)

• Color Photo: Birds (Examples: songbirds, hawks, owls, shorebirds, etc.)

• Color Photo: Insects (Examples: butterflies, beetles, spiders, etc.)

• Color Photo: Tree or Landscape (Examples: beachscapes, wetland/swamp scenes, etc.)

• Black & White Photo

• Creatively Altered Photo

REMEMBER! This is for amateurs only! Those who enter must fill out a form attesting to the fact that their photography has never been used or printed in a professional manner and they have never been paid for their photographs.

Drum roll, please… Here are the official rules:

• All photographers must be over 14 years of age.

• Submit photos to: Nancy Richie at City of Marco Island, City Hall, 50 Bald Eagle Drive Marco Island, FL 34145. Questions? Please call 239-389-5003 or email

• Camera type is not limited; media is limited to only photography; no extraneous

Donald Pecora’s 2013 entry, “Birds of a Feather” is a great example of native bird life.

Donald Pecora’s 2013 entry, “Birds of a Feather” is a great example of native bird life.

materials allowed on photograph.

• All photographs entered in any category can have minor adjustments including: cropping, contrast, dodging or burning, removal of “dust” and use High Dynamic Range (HDR) without further changes.

• CREATIVELY ALTERED photo-graph(s) means the photograph has been altered with computer software for artistic purposes and may employ digital special effects such as colorizing, artistic filters, toning, collage, and/or composites.

• Subjects of photographs must be NATIVE plants and/or animals of Southwest Florida. NATIVE means indigenous species of plants or animals that were present in southwest Florida region prior to European settlement or have arrived since through natural means of dispersal. The contest is not for photos of horticultural plants, gardens or non-native animals.

• Maximum of four (4) amateur photographs can be submitted per photographer.

• Photos must be 8 inches by 10 inches in size.

• Each photo must be in a white mat boarder only – no frames or glass, no decoration on the mat.

• A digital copy must also be submitted.

• Photo(s) must be taken within the last 12 months.

• Photographers must complete the entry and release forms provided at either Marco Island City Hall or Mackle Park.

• On the back of each photo, the following information is required: name of photographer, phone number, category photo is entered under, date of photo taken, location of photo taken and name of photo (optional).

So start clicking away southwest Florida shutterbugs! Marco Island is excited to see your shots!

Pick up your application forms at City Hall, 50 Bald Eagle Drive or Mackle Park, 1361 Andalusia Terrace. For more information, contact Vickie Kelber at 239-389-5003 or by email at



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