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Chiropractor goes for gold

Dr. Cade and Kristen Copeland.

Dr. Cade and Kristen Copeland.

By Natalie Strom

Dr. Cade Copeland is not your average back-cracking chiropractor. The Naples-based Doctor of Chiropractic and his wife, nutritionist and personal trainer, Kristen Copeland, will be traveling to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London to care for TeamUSA athletes. What truly sets his practice, LIFEStrength Family Chiropractic, apart is his dedication to Maximized Living, an international approach to chiropractic care which focuses on uniformity and the five essentials for a complete lifestyle.

Dr. Copeland and Kristen will be traveling to London at the end of July to spend two weeks working with USA Wrestling, USA Judo and USA Weightlifting. These three Team USA sports have partnered with Maximized Living, for chiropractic care before, during and after their sporting events. Abiding by the full Maximized Living lifestyle, athletes such as Henry Cejudo, USA Wrestling Gold Medal Winner at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, swear by the program. According to Cejudo, “(Maximized Living) doctors provide the best chiropractic care I’ve ever had!”

This is because the philosophy behind Maximized Living is so unique. “It’s about getting healthy and staying healthy,” explains Dr. Copeland. “It’s not just about chiropractic care. It’s about a complete lifestyle, which is made up of the five essentials of health. That includes mindset, chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise and detox.”

Dr. Copeland continues, “the definition of doctor is teacher and I take that role very seriously. We

Dr. Copeland adjusts an athlete during an event. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY DR. COPELAND

Dr. Copeland adjusts an athlete during an event. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY DR. COPELAND

put on classes, seminars and webinars constantly on each of these topics. We literally tell people about how to choose to be healthy.” These classes vary greatly and are open to the community. Many classes are free. “On Sunday, June 3rd we held a toxicity class. Anybody is welcome to come to events like this. We bring in healthy snacks so people can see what healthy food tastes like. We talk about anything and everything. We discuss heart health, cancer and nutrition. The toxicity class, in particular, talked about cleaning products, shampoos, cosmetics and sunscreens.”

Celebrating nearly two years at their Naples location, Dr. Copeland and Kristen have already gained a great following based on their Maximized Living philosophy. “It’s been a blessing,” he adds. “I think when people hear the truth about health, they get excited. My job here is to tell people the truth.

“That’s what Maximized Living is all about, figuring out what’s causing the problem, not masking it with something else. If you continue to mask pain or disease with medication, it’s going to continue to be there. It’s never solving the cause.” As Dr. Copeland explains, “we have been trained to accept the modern medical model. When your head hurts, that’s when you go do something about it, when you can’t breathe, then you do something about it. But, in reality, that’s the

No need for meds with Maximized Living.

No need for meds with Maximized Living.

emergency scenario. You need to work on your body before it ever gets to that point.”

The 1,000 plus chiropractors all over the world who have taken on the Maximized Living mentality all practice by these ideals. The “global initiative to educate and change the way healthcare is viewed and delivered” has not only shown amazing results, but has also helped to unify the field of chiropractic care.

Thanks to their complete care model and uniformity, partnering with Olympic-level athletes was an easy step. As Rich Bender, USA Wrestling Executive Director from 2009-2010, explains, “USA Wrestling is committed to promoting comprehensive wellness principles in conjunction with chiropractic care to provide our athletes with a balanced approach to maintaining optimal health and performance. Our partnership with Maximized Living will help to speed athletic recovery, reduce injury, increase performance, and promote career longevity. Bottom line – we’ll win more!”

CEO of USA Judo, Jose Rodriguez adds to these sentiments. “The doctors from Maximized Living are an important part of our team. We now have doctors working at multiple competitions that range from grassroots tournaments to the World Championships. This fact, combined with the doctors treating athletes regularly at almost at all of our national training sites is one of the key components to our success.”

As a part of Maximized Living’s Wellness Advisory



Council, Dr. Copeland has contributed his chiropractic excellence at competitions in both Atlanta and Orlando. Caring for athletes on a chiropractic level, as well as teaching them proper eating and training habits, has brought about a new lifestyle for many of these athletes. Dr. Copeland’s patients in Naples are experiencing the same types of life-changing results. One example: a current patient lost 50 pounds in three months, all by following the five-step model.

Another piece of evidence backing LIFEStrength Family Chiropractic’s success is the jar of prescription bottles that Dr. Copeland’s patients have turned in because they are no longer in need of the pills. From diabetes medications to high blood pressure pills to attention deficit disorder meds, Dr. Copeland’s patients have seen changes in their health in many areas. “When we see people coming in and turning in their medications, we know we’ve made a difference,” adds the doctor.

This is the whole idea behind Corrective Care Chiropractic, adopted by the Maximized Living lifestyle. “Your body has all the tools it needs to be healthy, but certain things can interfere with that. Our job as chiropractors is to remove the interferences so that you body can regain health and once it’s healthy, we make sure we keep you healthy for the rest of your life.”

Whether you are a regular patient or an extreme athlete, Maximized Living doctors

Keeping the spine healthy helps support the immune system.

Keeping the spine healthy helps support the immune system.

are trained to reduce injuries, increase recovery time, increase overall energy, enhance focus and mental clarity, increase whole health knowledge, and in the case of many athletes, extend their careers and improve their training productivity.

From week-old babies to world-class athletes to patients in their nineties, Dr. Copeland has helped them all. “Research is coming out, affirming that when you get a chiropractic adjustment it boosts your immune system through the roof and you are able to fight off things more effectively. The best cure for diseases and sicknesses is not to get them in the first place,” he adds. “There is a power that’s inside all of us. The power to heal, the power to digest, to power keep your heart beating, it’s all a part of that. We just want to make sure it’s performing at it’s best, whether you’re an Olympic athlete, a parent, a student, or whatever your case may be. We want you performing at your peak.”

Dr. Copeland’s LIFEStrength Family Chiropractic office is located at 4280 Tamiami Trail East, Suite 102. To learn more about all the wellness office has to offer, call them at (239) 774-5433. Visit to learn more about the office, community seminars and webinars. Be sure to check the site regularly, as Dr. Copeland plans on keeping his following updated through their website during the London Olympics.

Learn more about the Maximized Wellness Lifestyle at

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