Friday, May 14, 2021

CBN Nabs 8 Awards in 2012



By Natalie Strom

The results are in, and Coastal Breeze News is a winner! After winning four national awards from the Association of Free Community Papers in March, Coastal Breeze just received the announcement that it has won another four awards through the Florida Press Association’s Better Weekly Newspaper Contest. Newspapers of all sizes compete from across the state, hoping to wow their audiences with big wins. Coastal Breeze News is excited to share its latest round of awards with its loyal readers.

The Coastal Breeze News website,, won the Overall Excellence Award. This award is even more special to staff as the website also won First Place in March from the Association of Free Community Papers, a national competition. The FPA and the AFCP agree; Coastal Breeze News offers the BEST website. Along with providing excellent stories in an easy-to-read, easy-to-find format, the site offers an interactive weather map, tide chart and scrolling beach camera located at the Marco Beach Ocean Resort.

All four awards taken home by Coastal Breeze were won in the Division A Section of the contest – for newspapers with a circulation of 15,000 or more. No other newspaper on Marco Island has a broad enough circulation to compete in this division.

Again, in Division A, Coastal Breeze won Third Place for General Excellence. A big thank you goes out to all our writers and contributors, columnists, production personnel, those who support the paper through ads and classifieds, and most important, our readers. Without all of these people, the Coastal Breeze, still so young, has garnered so much. This newspaper is blessed.

Another Third Place win for Community Service reminded us just how important it is to recognize members of our community who take the time to help others. In 2012, the Coastal Breeze and the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation announced the First Annual Galahad Award – an honor bestowed upon an individual, business or organization for outstanding service in a crisis situation. The Second Annual Galahad Award will be announced in October. Send your Galahad nominee in today! Email explaining why your choice deserves the award.

Marco Island’s very own Craig Woodward also took home a Third Place victory in the History Division. Woodward has written numerous articles on the history of Marco Island and Southwest Florida in his column, Coastal History. He has also now won numerous awards for his writing skills. Congratulations, Craig!

And a heartfelt congratulations to all the staff at Coastal Breeze News for their dedication to a paper that truly keeps community at its core. It couldn’t be done without you!


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