Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Carbondale Church Members Send Help

Senior Pastor Steve Schoof (in blue shirt) helps to unload the tractor trailer. Photo by Steve Stefanides

Senior Pastor Steve Schoof (in blue shirt) helps to unload the tractor trailer. Photo by Steve Stefanides

The distance between Marco Island and Carbondale, Illinois is approximately 1,100 miles, but for the parishioners of that Presbyterian Church in Illinois it didn’t matter. They were committed to helping out their fellow church members “just down the street,” as they gathered supplies to help with the relief effort here in the Collier County area.

“We do have a couple of our ‘snowbirds’ that winter here from Carbondale and when they heard of the need here they were quick to help assemble needed supplies to help others down here,” said Mike Siegfried, an active member of the Marco congregation.

Mikey Gwillim and his son Tyler hopped in his tractor trailer and made the trek south with supplies ranging from water, diapers, Clorox bleach, dry food and pet supplies. They had made a similar run into the devastation down in the Houston, Texas area with a load of supplies only the week before.

When the call came again to make the journey to help others they quickly hooked up their trailer and made the run south to Marco Island.

The Marco Presbyterian Church loaded up vans on Monday and ventured out into areas such as Immokalee, Everglades City and Isles of Capri to help distribute the much-needed supplies. They have also put aside a substantial amount of supplies that will be donated to the Marco Patriots who are making arrangements to have them transported to Puerto Rico for the ongoing relief efforts there.

“This is all part of our commitment to serving our neighbors when the need arises due to emergencies such as these. We were blessed to have the people and the resources here on our island and through our many affiliations within the Presbyterian family of churches to make a difference in others’ lives,” said Siegfried.

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