Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Capri boats parade for Christmas


Isles of Capri captains decorated their boats in preparation for the 10th Annual Capri Christmas Boat Parade. They gathered in Tarpon Bay at sunset on December 6th. They shared some pizza gratis from the Island Gypsy, powered up, and paraded their 10 boats around Isles of Capri, traversing every bay and finishing at the south end of Johnson Bay.

Capriers approach their parade like no other paraders do. This year’s parade had no theme, except an unstated expectation that the decorations be Christmasy. Also, the boat numbering system is non-sequential, and the judges make the monumental attempt to give every boat a prize. Sometimes, they go to the extreme of creating a new prize category for unanticipated decorations.

This year’s boats and captains included Capri Fire/Rescue Boat, Tim Garner; Rebound, parade chairpersons Chuck and Ginny Walton; Pago Pirates (two boats), Mike Cox and Joel Fitzgerald; Cocktail Hour, Skip Lakey; What’s Left, Mike and Tina Kochis; Solar, Henry Fletcher; Kristopher’s Kringles, Ryan Sweeney; Sasha, John Rogers; and Seatow, Dan Mercier.

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