Sunday, February 28, 2021

Can One Have Too Much Jewelry?


The ultimate in gold excess: A 24 karat bathroom in Hong Kong.

The ultimate in gold excess: A 24 karat bathroom in Hong Kong.

This is not exactly a question I would like to be asked, seeing that I make my living selling jewelry to folks whether they have very little or walk in closets full of bling. I will admit that the subject is brought up now and then, especially by husbands or boyfriends who usually have to pay for the expensive baubles.

So how much is too much? I have clientele from all walks of life and from all over the world. Occasionally, some people will bring up the fact they need another pair of earrings like a hole in the head and realize, wait I just added two more holes in my head (ears) and need another pair of diamond studs.

Some mention the fact they have more rings than fingers and notice one of my latest creations in the showcase that they just have to possess to add to their collection. Some figure it would bother them for eternity if they came back later and it was just recently sold, and then later see the piece worn by an acquaintance. Heaven forbid! It does happen on this very small island.



A moment later, someone will walk in for a simple watch battery change and while they are waiting notice the “pretty jewelry” and lament they wish they had someone who could buy them something nice.

My favorite customers will tell me, “You can never have too much gold or diamond jewelry!” Every jeweler will tell you that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and I rarely had an encounter with a lady who did not agree. Some men, on the other hand, complain during the time it takes to pick something out and succumb to her wishes. Every now and there are those guys who really enjoy giving lavish diamond jewelry to their significant other.

One thing is for sure – you will never hear me tell someone they don’t need another piece of gold or diamond jewelry. On more than one occasion I have made suggestions to a young man or a young couple starting out in life together; I have prevented them from maxing out all their credit cards and going into hock to purchase a wildly expensive engagement ring and matching wedding bands when something a lot less expensive would do. Buy the big extravagant rock later in life.

Look, there are extremes to everything. My wife is into nice handbags and tennis shoes that then evolve into matching tennis outfits and coordinating rackets. Cripes! A lust for diamonds would be cheaper for me!

I have several customers that have more jewelry than most jewelry stores. One approached me to do an appraisal on all of it and I refused because there would be no end to it and no one, especially yours truly, has the kind of time it would take to perform that lengthy appraisal. It would take months, even years! We are talking full luggage – not overnight bags- here. Now that is what I call “too much.”

The bottom line is, real gold or diamond jewelry looks and feels fantastic and makes most ladies feel good when they wear it, especially when complimented on her (or his) good taste. Most of my clients truly love jewelry, and the fact they come back time and time again to either clean, polish or maintain what they have or purchase more says a lot to me and my staff. I see some folks what seems like every couple of weeks or less, especially in season.

It’s understandable how the jewels can add up between anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and even new additions to the family, which are all jewelrygiving moments.

Now when you want to talk about “extremes,” take the great Elvis Presley for example. Besides his infatuation with garish jewels, Elvis even had the interior of his 1960 Cadillac embellished with solid gold dashboard and steering wheel. Don’t forget about the performer Liberace, and his mountain of baubles.

The ultimate gold excess is a jewelry store in Hong Kong that will provide you the pleasure of parking your posterior on a solid 24 karat gold toilet and seat, including the sink, mirror and floor tiles. Everything is solid 24 karat gold! All for your enjoyment for a measly $250 purchase.

I recently bought a new stainless steel paper towel rack for my lavatory you are welcome to use for any purchase.

As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as too much jewelry and who says you can’t take it with you when you go. If the gold feels good, wear it!

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of The Harbor Goldsmith at Island Plaza and welcomes your questions about all that glitters. Contact him at 239-394-9275 or, or visit his informative website at Submitted Photo

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