Wednesday, May 12, 2021




Body, Mind And Spirit
Dianne Saywell

BALANCE: A state of equilibrium. An equal distribution of forces allowing steadiness.

The 5:00 AM alarm chimes off as it is the day of the week to teach an early yoga class. The MIND instantly recoils and says “I don’t like this. This is not what I want.”

The BODY says “Let’s do it! I need to be open and pain free.”

The SPIRIT, well, it just tries to adjust to the fluctuation.

Walking in to the bathroom, the scale sitting there on the floor, innocently beckons to be stepped on. There is a two pound weight drop. The MIND says “I like this! This is what I want to feel!” The BODY says “I am tired and sore and hungry.” The SPIRIT tries to find the balance.

Chitta Vritti Narodah. Mind Wave Silence. Peace can be found in silence. Balance in all of our complex mind fluctuations and mood alterations throughout our day can be found there too. Not so much “literal” silence, but quieting the thoughts that drive us up and down and all over the emotional globe making or breaking our day. How do we silence this amazing brain we posses? Through the breath. Simply breathing.

BREATH: Inhale and exhale of air into the lungs and body, naturally. Vitality, life. It is the connection to the mind and the connection to the body.

We are often not even conscious of our breath Mostly, the breath is short, shallow and not very efficient of getting enough oxygen rich blood to all of our organs and tissues. Breathing bigger and deeper has been documented to lower the blood pressure.

Consider the unpredictable yawn, the one that happens in the middle of our business day. (Unless you are dog tired and way overdue for sleep). The yawn is the body’s way of giving more precious oxygen to the brain. It would be most beneficial for us then, to take a BIG, purposeful breath thereby filling the whole of the lungs. We tend not to use our lungs fully, unless involved in cardiovascular exercise.

Next time the MIND does not agree with the BODY and all the SPIRIT wants to do is find balance and go on with the day…. take a big breath, notice the intake, notice the exhale. Make it big and long. Feel calmness wash over the battlefield of emotion we can go through at times. Feel the silence, and fill it with the breath. And the breath alone.


Dianne Saywell works full time at a local dental office where she educates and helps maintain the oral health of the patients as a dental hygienist. She also spends her time introducing people to and sharing the healing power of YOGA, and the health it brings to the body, mind and spirit. Yoga, along with many other great classes, is offered at Healthy Body/Marco Fitness Club.

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