Saturday, May 8, 2021

Baboo Will Hug Away Cancer

Photo by Maureen Chodaba

Photo by Maureen Chodaba

The Imagination Ball will feature a very special guest, stylishly dressed in formal black and white. Baboo, a plush, huggable, stuffed panda bear has been sponsored by John R. Wood Properties and will be available for adoption for $100. Your adopted Baboo, along with your personal message of healing, will be delivered to a child in a local hospital.

Cancer is a monster to everyone, but especially to children. Remember as a child, that magical feeling of a hug with your favorite stuffed animal. Just a hug could dry your tears and chase away your greatest fears. A hug is a bestowal of hope and an embrace of comfort and healing. Imagine a world without cancer fueled by that power of a hug.

The proceeds from your adoption of Baboo will be donated by the American Cancer Society to a general fund for cancer research, services, support and treatment.

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