Saturday, April 17, 2021

Authentic Italian Pizza – Kwik!

Dough made from scratch. Photos by Jessica Simon

Dough made from scratch. Photos by Jessica Simon

By Coastal Breeze News Staff

Have you ever found one of those little stops where the food is fabulous? The kind of place that makes your mouth water when you drive by? Kwik Stop on Collier Boulevard is already known among workers on the island as a great place for lunch. Now,they’ve added Sicilian New Yorker, William (Billy) Annino, and with his expertise, you’ve got an authentic pizza like you find only in Italy!

Billy travelled between Naples/Marco and New York for many years. From being a child watching his grandparents, his time at culinary school in Rhode Island, or the many seasons he worked for Guiseppe LaDuca, as well as brick oven Italian bakery in Schenectady, Billy has learned the secrets of “Old Style” Italian cooking. “I’ve been at it my whole life!”

“This is not a frozen, ready-made product,” says Sami Rahman, Kwik Stop proprietor for 15 years.“We make it all from scratch. Like our Mexican specialty dishes, right down to our pico de gallo. I want home-made food. I’m a single guy, but I still

Preparing the dough for ‘tossing’.

Preparing the dough for ‘tossing’.

want good, nutritious food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, we’re offering the best in fresh food. We are so much more than a convenience store. We are breaking the perception about eating convenient food. You will like our made to order pizza, I guarantee it!”

While Billy talks, he is rolling and kneading dough.“First of all, Sami insists on the best ingredients. The best in cheese from Wisconsin and New York, the best supplier offering gourmet and fresh ingredients right down to the best tomatoes. The result is some of the finest stone-baked pizza right here, made to your order and as fresh as it gets. The crust is crisp on the bottom and soft on top.”

With almost 30 ingredients to choose from you can have your pizza your way — from cheese pizza to grande pizza to white pizza to Italian pizza toultimate pizza to Latin pizza to goat cheese pizza toveggie pizza and more. You can watch Billy make your pizza, and see it come right out of the oven. Want it faster, order ahead: 239-393-2300.


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