Sunday, May 9, 2021

Attorney Patrick Neale Certified as Civil Mediator

Collier County attorney Patrick H. Neale is now a Florida Supreme Court Certified Civil mediator. With extensive experience in transactional, multi-party negotiations on a worldwide basis, Patrick Neale brings unique insight into the dynamics of a dispute. That insight allows him to assist parties in reaching a mutually agreed upon a solution that is an alternative to allowing the courts to determine the outcome. Patrick Neale is available to provide mediation services throughout Florida.

According to Attorney Neale, “Mediation can be an appealing option because it is typically less adversarial than litigation. It often costs less than litigation, and it generally takes much less time than a traditional lawsuit.”

In addition to mediation services, Patrick Neale & Associates, provides experienced and understanding counsel in the areas of business and entrepreneurial law, contracting and construction law, real estate, litigation and foreclosure defense/prevention, drone law, land use, zoning and governmental law and bankruptcy.

For more information, visit, email:, or call 239-642-1485.

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