Sunday, January 26, 2020

Ask the Life Coach

Dear Coach,

I have my own consulting business and really enjoy serving clients. The challenge is that marketing is not my forte. I’ve informally farmed out this work at times and I’m thinking it might make sense to hire someone more formally to market for me. Do you think it’s best to learn this skill and do it myself or delegate it? 


Dear Challenged,

I understand your dilemma. Entrepreneurs frequently have to do it all. It looks like you’re currently on the right track with a podcast, newsletter, web site, and other marketing tools. Good for you.

Because your expertise is the product it’s difficult for others to adequately take over the marketing. However, you can delegate certain aspects. Consider what marketing only you can do, like follow-up calls or introductory sessions. Next, look at what someone else can take care of. Perhaps they can write your newsletter, manage your public relations, update your web site, or create strategic marketing materials. 

You will always be involved with some of the marketing. However, use your precious time wisely and delegate the rest. 

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