Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Appreciating Everglades City’s Natural Beauty From My Front Porch

Growing Up EC

The author’s view from her front porch. | Photos by Savannah Oglesby

I love being able to sit out on the front porch in our wooden rocking chairs and rock to the soft sounds and beautiful sights of Everglades City.

The wind, who is known to be a talented orchestrator, carries a sweet song to my ears. Palm tree branches rustle their strands together, each one creating peaceful notes that I could listen to all day. The faint sounds of airboats leaving the docks, taking people through the mangrove tunnels and into the swaying sawgrass add on to the palm trees song. Here and there I’ll hear a mockingbird or two talking back and forth. Their voices able to mimic the sounds of other birds, I think to myself how incredible it is for a bird to have a talent such as that.

Far in the distance are the Washigntonia palm trees. So high and mighty, still standing after the powerful hurricanes they’ve endured. All around me I look and see colors of green, blue, white and brown. The main color scheme of the Everglades. Then a closer look at the vibrant flowers, trees and buildings, I see reds, yellows, purples and pinks.

The clouds up above are beginning to look like the soft and curvy ones that I see in summer; the ones that stack up on top of one another when you’re driving down the road and looking out at the River of Grass or fishing on a boat and they’re as far as you can see over the dark brackish waters. Those are my favorite type of clouds; especially at night when they light up the sky with light and dark purples as heat lightening powerfully strikes through them. So peaceful looking, especially when the view is paired with the moon over a calm Chokoloskee Bay at night.

Thinking of night, my mind trails off to summer nights when the bugs aren’t too bad my dad and I lay on the dock beneath the blanket of stars, hoping to catch a glimpse of a shooting star.

My train of thought comes back when I feel a furry presence against my left leg. Looking down I see my orange cat PJ waiting to be petted. The sun beaming down on the city makes everything look so attractive and the plants are definitely loving the attention from the UV rays.

Once in a while a car or truck will drive down one of the few roads beside my house. If I see four in a row it’s a rare sight this time of year. The quietness of this place is what brings me most joy.

Hibiscus, orchids and Poinciana flowers surround me and smell as amazing as they look. The Poinciana trees are blooming this time of year and are so bright almost like you’re face to face with a striking fire. I close my eyes for a bit, still listening to the sweet song. The salty wind kisses my cheeks and whisks the strands of my light brown hair into the air.

Every now and then I’ll see someone I know drive by, and we exchange a smile and a wave. Everyone is family down here even if you aren’t blood you’ve still known them your whole life.

Just sitting here on my front porch, I can’t help but to be thankful for the life that I live. Being able to enjoy the serenity of this beautiful town makes me so appreciative that there are still places in this world where you can live one with nature. I wouldn’t trade this front porch view and the song the wind carries for the world.

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