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A Taste of the Great White Way

Conner and Rachel Meinhart (left) and Patrick Mulvey and his wife, Marika Engelhardt are bringing “Broadway on the Beach” to the JW Marriott. Submitted Photos

Conner and Rachel Meinhart (left) and Patrick Mulvey and his wife, Marika Engelhardt are bringing “Broadway on the Beach” to the JW Marriott. Submitted Photos

Patrick Mulvey is no different than a lot of northerners at this of year – he can’t wait for his upcoming stay on Marco Island.

But this visit will be unlike the many others the Chicagoan has made to the island over the years. It will be pleasurable, but also professional for the star of Broadway’s “Billy Elliott” who’ll be appearing in the concert review “Broadway at the Beach” from November 29 to December 3 at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort.

Patrick Mulvey

Patrick Mulvey

The performances will mark the show’s world premiere and Mulvey will be joined by fellow performers Conner Meinhart, who is his cousin, and Meinhart’s wife, Rachel. Mulvey’s wife, Marika Engelhardt, is the show’s producer.

Conner Meinhart has appeared in “First Date the Musical” and Rachel Meinhart’s credits include one of Broadway’s longest running musicals, “Chicago.” The foursome will be accompanied by pianist Colte Julian, who performed in “Million Dollar Quartet” and Jeremy Gentry (NBC’s “The Voice”) on drums.

Mulvey, Englehardt and the Meinharts collaborated on creating “Broadway on the Beach,” which features Broadway and Jazz standards, stories and a unique glimpse into show business, family style.

“We go from the classics, like “42nd Street” and “Showboat” to things that are currently touring around the world and are on Broadway today,” said Mulvey. “I can’t say how excited we are to get down there and get into the sunshine. Working with the JW Marriott is just the cherry on top.”

As is fitting, “Broadway on the Beach” will be held at the Marco JW Marriott’s beachfront pavilion. Shows will include gourmet food from the award-winning menu of the resort’s executive chef, Eric Vasta, as well as craft beverages.

“We’re pretty excited about the fact the show will be on the beach, as well,” said Mulvey. “There’ll be great food, great drinks. It’s going to be a great time. I think you can expect a night of great music, a Broadway review with a Rat Pack-type feel.”

The show has its beginnings in Mulvey and Meinhart’s performance this summer at the Marco Island memorial service for their grandfather. Their grandparents have lived here for decades.

“He and his cousins sang at the memorial, and everyone remarked on what a talented family this was,” said Englehardt. “It led us all to think about the idea of having the family sing together for some kind of event/concert. Given everyone’s professional experience, they loved the idea of creating their own show based on their history in show business and their love for the arts.”

Mulvey said their grandfather always encouraged them to perform more often as a family. “After we lost him this year, we decided that was what we were going to do and what better place to start than paradise, Marco Island,” he added.

He said he’s been visiting the island once or twice a year for his entire life and that he was heartbroken to see the damage caused by Hurricane Irma, but also heartened by the community’s Marco Strong spirit.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank will receive a portion of the show’s proceeds.

Amanda Cox, director of sales and marketing for the JW Marriott Marco Island, said “Broadway on the Beach” is an ideal offering for the resort.

“One of the core values of the JW Marriott brand is providing unprecedented cultural experiences,” she said. “Broadway on the Beach was a perfect opportunity to bring a delightful dose of culture to our property for the enjoyment of our guests and visitors. What’s more, I am thrilled that a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales for the event will benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank, making an impact in our very own community. I am so looking forward to this event, as well as the future cultural offerings we are able to secure at our beautiful resort.”

Performances will start at 6 PM, November 29th and 30th and December 1st and 3rd. The JW Marriott Marco Island’s beachfront pavilion located at 400 S. Collier Boulevard. Dining packages along with VIP seating will be available. For tickets, visit broadwayonthebeachmarcoisland. eventbrite.com.

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