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A Taste of Argentina at the Farmers Market

Ivana Wingrove with a fresh batch of Argentinian empanadas.

Ivana Wingrove is the culinary expert behind the Cordobesita food tent at the Marco Island Farmers Market. Cordobesita means “little girl from Cordoba.” Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina. This is a small family catering business and Ivana is happy to share the delicious food of Argentina to her new country that she now calls home.

Listed on her menu are some of the favorite “street” delicacies of Argentina. Not to be missed are the empanadas. The name “empanada” comes from the Spanish “empanar,” which means “to wrap something in bread.” Cordobesita’s Argentine empanada is made with flour-based dough and some of the most common fillings are beef, chicken, spinach and cheese, ham and cheese and corn and cheese. Other traditional offerings include:

A jar of chimichurri - the go-to, all purpose sauce in Argentina.

A jar of chimichurri – the go-to, all purpose sauce in Argentina.

Choripan: (chorizo sausage/bread). Choripan is a grilled sausage sandwich that can be served with your choice of condiments, such as chimichurri sauce or mayonnaise. Choripan is Argentina’s version of the American hot dog.

Chimichurri: Considered to be the ketchup of Argentina, chimichurri sauce is a versatile topping used on meat and potatoes. It is considered the go-to barbecue sauce for grilled meat in Argentina. Sometimes a teaspoon of chimichurri is added to salads to give it an extra “bite.” The taste is similar to pesto. At her Farmers Market stand, Ivana provides samples of her homemade chimichurri as a dipping sauce on pieces of crusty bread. Once you try it, you may want to bring home a jar!

Lomito Sandwich: This delicious lunch item is a grilled thin-cut sirloin steak sandwich with eggs over easy, ham, cheese, lettuce and tomato with your choice of condiments. It is not always available, as Ivana needs her grill in order to prepare and serve this sandwich.

Cordobesita also offers samples of Argentina’s famous desserts, such as alfajores, a shortbread-like cookie filled with delicious, gooey dulce de leche.

For more catering options, visit Ivana’s Facebook page: are cookies filled with dulce de leche and dusted with coconut.



Empanadas are baked turnover pastries, made with a variety of savory fillings. Photos by Maria Lamb

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