Wednesday, January 27, 2021

A Little Something

All That Glitters

Submitted Photo | Some men entering a jewelry store may be compared to a deer in the headlights.

This article is sorta for the guys out there. For some, it can be painfullike being a deer in the headlights for others—but you have to face facts: women love jewelry. One thing I have learned is when they actually say, “Honey don’t bother getting me any jewelry!” they actually mean they want something really badly! It could be for a special occasion, possibly a birthday or an anniversary, sometimes it can work like a charm to get you off the couch and back into the big room. Whatever the reason, “a little something” from a jewelry store can take almost anything you forgot or messed up with and make it RIGHT. With the upcoming holidays, a little something is a really big factor, receiving a nice piece of jewelry is always on most women’s minds especially on Christmas morning. 

She won’t believe you actually docked the boat or left the golf clubs in the trunk one day and spent some time shopping for that “little something! The rewards, compliments and salutations you will receive abound for that simple act of caring about her. 

The scale of what exactly a little something can be a bit vague$20 Million platinum diamond ring fits in the same box as a $40 sterling silver dolphin ring. In other words, a little something can also cost guys big money. 

There’s good news, however. Put down the oxygen mask and smelling salts, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the desired effect. A little something can be anything in my jewelry shop from diamond stud earring to a simple diamond solitaire necklace, or bracelet for those with long arms and full pockets who don’t mind spending a few bucks. On the other hand, guys with the deep pockets and short arms can still wind up looking like you spent the big money… and pull off being real champion. Remember, it’s still silver, and CZ’s here! 

There are always alternatives to anything you wish to purchase. Like a 5K skiff or a million-dollar yacht. My Lafonn line of sterling and simulated diamond (CZs) look so much like jewelry that cost thousands more, it is a high mover in my shop for years now. Lafonn is also perfect travel or cruise jewelryTraveling abroad with your expensive jewelry is risky and dangerous with Lafonn jewelry. Even if it’s lost or misplaced, it isn’t monetarily devastating and easily replaced for short money. Guys, this is a great gift for short money. 

As I mentioned in prior articles, small is still very big right now especially in sea life themed neckpieces; tiny starfish necklace with a sprinkling of small diamonds on a suntanned body will shine like a lighthouse. I even think I have a diamondstudded lighthouse for that matter! 

Once again, its that time of the year to mention my original designed “Marco Angels” priced for any budget in 14kt. solid gold or gleaming sterling silver that can be embellished with diamonds in the halo or a ruby in the candle, or whatever precious gems you desire. My angels are worn yearround, and in these troubling times, possession of your very own guardian angel can’t hurt that’s for sure! A perfect little something. 

The diamonds by the inch necklaces have made a huge comeback I have made and sold several in the past weeks. 

For those of you unaware of this style of diamond neckwear, it involves a fine white or yellow gold chain with bezel set diamonds every inch or so, it is an elegant yet casual look and the perfect everyday signature piece… The perfect “little something” gift. Guys, I have this so inexpensively in sterling and CZ from the before mentioned Lafonn line, you can’t tell them apart! Only your jeweler would know for sure. 

Not every nice piece of jewelry has to cost you the farm. Sterling silver has become the new gold for many folks and I carry many nice lines that are not only set with Larimar—a warm pastel blue stone that is found only in the Dominican Republic. However, I also carry a labcreated opal, perfect for the great Southwest Florida and island lifestyle.  

So, gentlemen, drop by my shop and feel at ease my skilled and patient staff of ladies can steer you in the right direction and I guarantee you won’t feel like a ten-point buck during deer season. 

Richard Alan is a designer/goldsmith and owner of the Harbor Goldsmith Marco’s Island jeweler since 1994 and welcomes your questions about All That Glitters at  



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