Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A Holistic Approach to Diabetes



November is National Diabetes Month. Some 30.3 million Americans live with diabetes and another 84 million are pre-diabetic and likely unaware of their status, and 108,000 fall prey to diabetes related amputation.

Denise Pancyrz, who is certified in holistic nutrition and homeopathy and a former diabetic herself, hopes to reach this huge and important demographic with the new edition of her book, “The Virgin Diabetic,” in which she shares the blueprint for how she reversed her diabetes through holistic lifestyle changes.

Diabetes runs in her family. Her father died from complications of the disease and an uncle lost a leg to it. Pancyrz’s own diagnosis of an advanced form of the disease came when she was in her 40s. Doctors prescribed four insulin shots a day along with a handful of medications and told her she would be insulin dependent for the rest of her life. That blunt prognosis and her own background in the laboratory industry where she was a Six Sigma expert led her to begin an exhaustive research program for natural ways to self-heal.

Among her discoveries are:

Diabetes is not a sugar problem or a food elimination problem; it’s a metabolic problem. Diabetics should worry less about losing weight and more about good nutrition. Instead of increasing insulin levels, we should teach patients how to balance their meals, activity levels, and stress. Government guidelines are keeping us sick and managing diabetes is not the only option.

Denise Pancyrz worked in the laboratory industry for a decade. She left her corporate job about two years ago to begin a full-time speaking and coaching career on diabetes prevention and reversal. She is an experienced radio talk show guest and was featured in Chicago’s My Suburban Life newspaper and New Living Magazine.

Many doctors have recommended Pancyrz’s “The Virgin Diabetic” to their patients. Kevin Haselhorst, MD of Arizona told Pancyrz, “I wrote the title of your book on an Rx for a patient. I had to tell him his blood sugar was elevated, but I also told him that he did not have to live with diabetes.”

For more information visit reversemydiabetes.net.

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