Sunday, April 18, 2021

A burger with ATTITUDE!



Chef Anne Feinman

While there is nothing new about blending different cuts of meat to create a burger, I’ve yet to see any analysis on what actually makes the best burger. Is it the fat content? Texture? Flavor? My guess is all three, but what does one cut have to offer over another? Why mix three cuts instead of two? Would a fourth cut make it even better? So taste tests began, and our own Executive Chef, Aurelio Zacchi has deemed the following, Mango’s 10 oz Burger with Attitude!

The careful balancing act to achieve the perfect mix of flavor and texture, is a job both more impressive and more delicious, when created to be your signature. Chef Aurelio narrowed down the options he considered to be of burger quality: sirloin, chuck, short rib, skirt steak, hanger steak, brisket. There would be no dry-aged cuts, no special breed cows, and nothing that is more suited for a steakhouse. Burgers are about taking the less expensive and ordinary cuts and blending them into a masterpiece. Voila, our blend is short rib, chuck and brisket!

Chuck has a good lean to fat ratio, is well-balanced in flavor, but lacks real character. As a single meat, it makes the kind of burger that’s tough to find fault with, but won’t have you raving about flavor. If you have only one choice to make at the butcher counter, you would most likely choose this cut.

The short rib is the sections of rib cut from the front half of the cow, just below the loin. Extremely rich flavor, with no grassy taste. This cut is quite overwhelming on its own but with the high degree of fine marbling keeps the burger moist, even when your guests request their burger on the medium well to well side.

Brisket comes from the belly region of the front half of the cow. The fat content is lower and has a distinct aroma of liver and iron. Brisket can be a little grainy when ground, and completely lacking in rich, savory notes. This would explain why this cut is often pickled for use as corned beef or pastrami…it tastes almost pickled on its own.

I have found beef to have four basic flavors: 1. It comes across as a cheesy, almost parmesan flavor. 2. Grassy, where it can come across as a slight metallic, iron flavor. 3. Richness that gives you big meatiness flavor in your mouth. 4. Livery, but in moderation can add depth to a boring blend.

All three cuts are in nearly equal parts (any more than that, and there will be problems with your burger holding together), and you’ll have the best burger blend.

Join us soon to enjoy one our Burgers with Attitude! Our Blues Burger will entice you with aged blue cheese, apple bacon, and carmelized onions. The Avocado Burger with fresh Haas avocado and Swiss cheese. A twist with our Mango Burger with local mangos and Aged cheddar. The Johnny Walker Burger with the smokiness of a JW glaze and crispy onion strings. Or try our Annie Burger with thinly sliced honey ham, sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese. For those looking for a burger alternative, we have added a blend of Purdue ground turkey!

Don’t let the steak knife fool you….our burgers are a cut above, and you will be using it!

All our best to our friends, family and guests…we look forward to seeing you soon!




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