Thursday, June 17, 2021

2019 Legislative Highlights from Senator Passidomo

Kathleen Passidomo, Senate Majority Floor Leader spoke of her support of the ban on sanctuary cities in Florida as a guest before the Women’s Republican Club of Naples Federated.

According to Passidomo, “The sessions were seamless, collaborative and we accomplished a lot.”

On Friday, June 14th, Governor DeSantis signed (SB-1680) a bill to ban sanctuary cities in Florida, delivering on the promise he made to the people of Florida to uphold the rule of law and ensure that communities are safe.

Also on June 14th, Senate Majority Leader, Kathleen Passidomo spoke of her strong support of SB-1680 at the Women’s Republican Club of Florida Federated at the Tiburon Golf Resort.

Last year’s legislative session was marked with the Parkland tragedy. The 2019 session was very different for Senator Passidomo. Now she has a seat at the table in a major leadership role. A big part of her role is to make sure that all 23 Republican Senators have a successful session; that they were able to bring their legislation over the finish line so they can go back home and tell their constituents what they have accomplished in Tallahassee. It was her job to help her colleagues pass good conservative legislation” so that come 2020 and 2022, our constituents will realize that we’ve done a good job for them.”

The environment was a high priority for Governor DeSantis. More than $1.6 billion was allocated to the protection and restoration of the environment of Florida including $367.2 Million for Everglades projects; $149.1 million for water quality improvements including septic-to-sewer/wastewater treatment; $10.8 million for Blue Green Algae Task Force and $4.2 million for red tide research.

Education: This year’s budget included more than $158 million in PECO Cash (Public Education Capital Outlay) with expansion to school choice and the highest student funding in the last 15 years.

Senator Passidomo was pleased with her hand with Senate Bill 7030 expanding the Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School Public Safety Commission which includes the Mental Health Assistance Allocation providing funding for mental health awareness and training for school staff and for mental health programs for at-risk students.

She also sponsored SB 72 for the operation of the Fire Rescue Station at Mile Marker 63. According to Passidomo, if there was an accident on Alligator Alley on that site, it would take 45 minutes for an ambulance to arrive at the scene.

Passidomo was a passionate supporter of the Heartland Parkway Bill 7068. According to Passidomo, “we need to build an evacuation route at the center of the State.” When I-75 was built, it destroyed the economies of all those little towns, and these are pieces of Florida history we’ve lost.” She also would like to build a bike path from Naples to Orlando going through these little towns.

Governor DeSantis said that he will sign HB 7066, the amendment to the Restoration of Rights that would require repayment of financial obligations before felons’ voting rights are restored. Passidomo supported this bill.

Passidomo regrets that the Parental Consent Bill HB 1774 did not pass. It would prohibit a physician from performing an abortion on a minor without first obtaining consent from at least one parent or guardian. In Florida, you need parental consent to even get a tattoo.

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