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To Our Loyal Customers: We at Moore Roofing want OUR community to know that we are doing everything we can to serve the needs of our loyal customers. The biggest challenges we are currently facing are locating tile for roof repairs, receiving our deliveries of materials in a timely manner, and communication with our suppliers of when the material is being delivered. Nonetheless, we understand the demands that our suppliers are under because they are dealing with orders all throughout Florida. To date Moore Roofing has repaired over 350 homes, tore off and dried in over 200, and completed more than 100 re-roofs since the storm. We are approximately 3-6 weeks out on tear-offs. Tile deliveries are currently about 8-10 weeks out from the time the order is placed, but we expect higher delays to come. The City of Marco Island has done an exceptional job in increasing their staff and technology for the high demand of permitting and inspections.Moore Roofing has been serving OUR Marco Island community for 12 years, we were here prior to Hurricane Irma and will continue to serve our neighbors for years to come. 1 Front Street, Marco Island, FL 34145 • 239-394-2100 ROOF Tile Repair Update: 5-7 WEEKS OUT ON RE-ROOFS
Phone: (239) 394-2100

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