Observe the Skies Near Mars

NASA Night Sky

David Prosper shares the recent news, updates, and announcements about Mars for all observers in his column, Nasa Night Sky.

Progress is Percolating Along in Our Schools: Check it Out

Rumination from the Rock and Beyond

Jory Westberry writes about the precautions being done for Collier County Public Schools, in her column, Ruminations From the Rock and Beyond.

How Binoculars Can Give You an Advantage on Your Next Fishing Trip

Follow the Fish

Captain Brandon Acosta gives fishing tips for October in the 10,000 Islands in his column, Follow the Fish.

Do Not Enter

Coach Wayne’s Corner

Coach Wayne Clark shares more beginner tips, in his column, Coach Wayne’s Corner.

Four-Dimensional Chess Game

Ask the CFP

Darcie Guerin answers more questions about the state of the economy, in her column, Ask the CFP.

Comfort & Joy

All That Glitters

Richard Alan gives a lesson on the history of the jewelry, in the next issue of his column, All That Glitters.

Overlord: B-Movies Still Live

Reel Reviews

Matthew Mendisana gives a review of “Overlord” in his column, Reel Reviews.