A Sea Life

All That Glitters

Richard Alan presents the next issue of his column, All That Glitters.

And the Winner Is…

Ask the CFP

Darcie Guerin talks about how the presidential election could impact the economy and markets, in her column, Ask the CFP.

Analyzing Our Opponents 

Coach Wayne’s Corner

Coach Wayne Clark talks about analyzing your opponents, in his column, Coach Wayne’s Corner.

Read It (The Contract) Or Weep

Law Matters

Attorney William Morris discusses the importance of understanding a contract, in his column, Law Matters.

Observe the Skies Near Mars

Nasa Night Sky

David Prosper shares the recent news, updates, and announcements about Mars for all observers in his column, Nasa Night Sky.

Is Your Heart in the Right Place?

To Your Health

Scott Lowe talks about the importance of heartcare as he introduces the new Heart Center at Physicians Regional and its new cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Scot Schultz, in his column, To Your Health.

Unique “Sights” and Changing “Sites” on the Isles of Capri

Rumination from the Rock and Beyond

Jory Westberry writes about recent events happening in the Isles of Capri, in her column, Ruminations From the Rock and Beyond.