See Matt Papa at Marco Church

On September 20th, the Marco Church will be receiving a special visit from a special singer. Find out all the details here.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and Our Daily Bread Food Pantry Combine Forces

Our Daily Bread Food Pantry and St. Mark’s are coming together to do some good for those in need. See the full story here.

Scary Waters

The Beach Boy Chronicles

From The Beach Boy Chronicles, Tom Williams shares a story about the dangers of Florida’s Waters and a rescue at sea. See the full story here.

The Ghost People of the Everglades

New Book by Barbara Tyner Hall

Barbara Tyner Hall is a mother of three grown children and an entrepreneur at heart who divides her time between Texas and Honda where she writes full time. She has published her new book “The Ghost People of the Everglades,” a riveting true story chronicling the lives of impoverished fishermen who enter the stunningly lucrative business of marijuana smuggling in the labyrinthine […]

Marco YMCA Expands Clinical Services

Two local organizations that promote healthy living through wellness programs have further cemented their relationship by offering an expanded assortment of clinical services. Get the full story about this new relationship by reading the full article here.

Looking for Banded Birds? Focus on Their Legs!

The Coastal Breeze News takes a look at the Branded Birds traveling our state as we look at various branded birds, and the meaning behind their tags. See the full article, along with photos, here.

It’s “Thyme” for An Herb Garden

The Calusa Garden Club shows the different types of herbs you can grow in your very own garden! See the tips, information, and photos here.