Is Madeira Ready to Renourish their Beach?

Madeira Condominiums runs into an issue with the Marco Island Beach Renourishment Project. See the full story here.

A Reason to Smile

Randall Kenneth Jones tells us about The Immokalee Foundation, and how they’re working to keep Florida Students happy. See the full story here.

Our Heritage Is the Key to Our Success

More Straight Talk

Steve Stefanides writes about the coronavirus’ impact in his column, More Straight Talk.

The Old One-Two Punch

Ask the CFP

Darcie Guerin discusses the demand and price drop of oil in her column, Ask the CFP.

Deltona Duo Were Confidantes to Two of Golf’s Biggest Legends Part 1

A look at The Marco Island Country Club and the numerous faces that have passed through. From the Mackle Brothers, to celebrities, to famous Golfers, Eleanor Creighton and Barbara Klimas have stories to share. See Part 1, along with photos, here!

Look Into Your Heart and Do What’s Right for Our Children

The outbreak has had a huge effect on communities, businesses, and most of all, education. With schools closed, what is being done to help students? See the full story, along with photos, regarding what the Collier County Public Schools are doing to aid students, as well as what parents/guardians can do to help their children.

A Visit to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary

Shirley Woolaway recounts the story of her visit to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary and details their activities, animals, and more. See the full story, along with photos, here.

Protecting Your Property

An attempted car theft was recently made on Marco Island. See the full story here.


********* UPDATE APRIL 8, 2020 – CLICK HERE ********* The April 6 meeting of the Marco Island City Council began as a focused and upbeat meeting, with Councilor Honig leading a discussion relative to the positive nature regarding council’s refinancing of $60 million dollars in debt for the Marco Island Utility. The drastic reduction in rates surrounding the volatile financial markets the […]

North of Isles of Capri – Part Two

Heading north of Isles of Capri on the hiking trail that was formerly the old Marco Road, I was joined by Henry Lowe and Steve Purcell in an expedition to locate and explore Henry’s former home site, which his family occupied starting in 1939. The old Marco Road began from its intersection with U.S. 41, in the location of today’s […]