A Bountiful Harvest

The story of how Ernest Hamilton discovered how to harvest stone crabs.

Why Rescue A Dog?

Pet talk

In the first issue of “Pet Talk,” Michael M. Neal will dicuss animal rescue and the importance of your dog’s weight.

Recent Performances of Disney’s Frozen JR Ramped up the Temperature to Sizzling

The students of Marco Island put on a show with Disney’s Frozen JR.

How Much Do You Really Value Relaxation?

As we’ve discussed in previous columns, Relax, as a line of defense against stress, revolves around putting your body in a relaxed state that is incompatible with stress and keeping it there for 20-30 minutes. Engaging in activities such as meditation on a regular basis will short-circuit the stress response and replace it with a relaxation response. When introducing relaxation […]

Artist Creates Vibrant Selfie Station Mural at MIHS

Artist Jarrett Stinchcomb has painted a mural entitled “Historic Island Wildlife” for a new selfie station at the Marco Island Historical Museum.

What Do You Really Know About Rehabilitation?

To Your Health

In this issue of “To Your Health,” Scott Lowe talks about Physicians Regional and the various rehabilitation programs out there.

The Good, Bad and the Downright Ugly

All That Glitters

Life can be a comedy and even more hilarious if you work with the public. Oh! Yes, I was an un-cut gemstone, found in the dark then cut, faceted and polished by the public and the final product took over fifty years to complete and here I sit. (Sitting I find is now more comfortable than standing.) Jewelry is my […]

Clyde Butcher Fall Festival Raises $11,500 to Support SWAMP

Clyde and Niki Butcher hosted the Annual Fall Festival at their Big Cypress Gallery to support SWAMP.

Berkshire Hathaway Recognizes Top Producers

Berkshire Hathaway has recognized Kathryn Hunt and Gerry Rosenblum as top producers for October 2019.

Seventh Annual Chili Cookoff | SOME LIKE IT HOT

The 7th Annual Jerry Adams Chili Cook-Off hosted by the Marco Island Fire Rescue Foundation was a resounding success whether you liked it hot, or not! Hundreds of guests sampled a variety of chili presented by 18 civic minded chefs. Whether you tried someone’s old family favorite recipe or many different creations in true foodie fashion, there was something for […]