Hurricane Antidotes (aka Suggestions) for Helping You and Your Children Through Hurricane Season

     We are entering what is known as the active part of the hurricane season, so there’s a good chance we’ll be faced with more tropical surprises in the coming months.  Will “we,” as the adults, be prepared, mentally and physically for the next hurricane challenge and can we prepare our children so they come through the event with […]

5 AM Hurricane Dorian Update

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Highlights of 2019 MICA Survey

The Marco Island Civic Association’s 2019 survey results are in.

City Manager Clears 60 Days

Marco Island City Manager Michael McNees has spent 60 days on the job and has identified many issues to focus on in the future.

Police Foundation Welcomes New Chief at Summer Picnic

The Marco Island Police Foundation held a summer picnic where they welcomed new Chief Tracy Frazzano.

The Beautification Committee Helps Ensure Marco’s Attraction

Marco Island’s Beautification Advisory Committee helps ensure the attraction of the island.

Bold Actions Needed to Solve Florida’s Water Problem

Governor Ron DeSantis made an appearance at the Save our Water Summit held on August 21at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Bonita Springs.

Council Approves Moving Ahead with Veterans Community Park

It was in 2008 when the Marco Island City Council first voted to create a Master Plan for Veterans Community Park, having purchased the property in 1999. In 2009, that plan was adopted by the then- city council as a guideline for what could become the layout for an eventual build-out of the park. Most of those plans were put […]

The Arts are Coming to Collier County!


On my vacation this year in Ohio we saw some really terrible roads! Some were so bad that you had to drive around the big holes, afraid your tire would get caught in them, and this was in Amish Country where the horses could step into one of them and break a leg. Yes, the horses cause much of the […]

Parents and Children Make the Transition Together

More Straight Talk

Steve Stefanides talks about the emotions of parents sending their children off to school in his column, More Straight Talk.