Community Scene | Men’s Club

The Marco Men’s Club held their annual Christmas luncheon at Hideaway Beach Club, co-chaired by Steve Stefanides and Ray and Candy Seward.  

Community Scene | Kiwanis

Kiwanis had a busy month with a Christmas Sing-a-Long to benefit the Toys for Kids program, a gift exchange, the introduction of two new members, and the gift distribution to 700 students at Manatee Elementary School.

Less Is More In A Zen Garden

A Zen garden or Japanese rock garden is a “dry landscape,” used by ancient Buddhist monks as a tool for meditation. Barbara Parisi, a Marco Island resident, loves the philosophy, the simplicity and contemplative elements of a Zen garden. When Barbara and her husband, Joe moved to Marco in 2011, she wanted to install a Zen garden. Barbara has always been […]

‘The President Is Missing’ by James Patterson and Bill Clinton


“If there is nothing else to learn from history, it’s that from humans to animals, from the most primitive to the most civilized, most individuals want to be led. Take out the leader, and the rest of the pack panics.” As I’ve mentioned before in this column, mystery/thriller novels are not my first pick of reading material. But since I […]

Christmas- Goodland Style!

Goodland Life

There is absolutely no better time to be in Goodland than the holidays. With the Christmas Tree Lighting, Golf Cart Parade, Christmas House Lights Contest, Goodland Toy Drive, and the 4th Annual Misfit Island Christmas Party, Goodlanders are sure busy spreading the holiday cheer around our small village. On December 12th, all gathered on Pear Tree Avenue at the MarGood […]

Dillman’s to Offer Free Art Demonstrations

Marco Island Center for the Arts and Dillman’s Creative Arts Foundation from Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin, are pleased to present a day of free art demonstrations and a reception for artists and their friends on Sunday, January 27, 2019 from 12 to 4 PM. Highlights of the day include 45-minute demonstrations by five well-known artists in their chosen medium including […]

Gift Remorse, Take Backs or Returns


The joy of Christmas giving has passed and many recipients and even givers are having second thoughts. Can that gift be returned to the store? Or, if the relationship has soured, can a gift be taken back by the giver? There are not a lot of laws concerning returns or exchanges. Federal laws are virtually nonexistent. That leaves regulation to […]

12 Suggestions for 2019

Ask The CFP® Practitioner

“Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.” ~ William Barclay, Scottish author and theologian (1907- 1978) Question: What recommendations do you have as we begin 2019? Answer: Focusing on the elements we are able to influence is a realistic way to approach 2019. The tumultuous nature of 2018 served as […]

Unfolding a New Life


Dear Coach, I’m a newly retired professional man who recently moved to Marco Island with my wife. I love living here but I’m finding that if you don’t fish or golf there aren’t many ways to stay busy and meet other men. Any suggestions? Signed, Drifting Dear Drifting, Congratulations on your retirement and welcome to the island. I’m wondering if […]

Setting Values-Based New Year’s Resolutions That Work


Now that the dust has settled and all of the “experts” have chimed in regarding their thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions I’d like to offer you some new ideas to ponder regarding why resolutions work or do not work. The word “resolution” is derived from the root “resolve” and means to solve by changing, converting, or dissipating. In the case […]