New Selection Process For City Manager Stalls

At the recent meeting of the Marco Island City Council, council heard from both Chairman Jared Grifoni and Councilor Howard Reed as to how to proceed regarding the selection of a new city manager. Former City Manager, Dr. Lee Niblock, was recently terminated by council for cause, based on violations of the International City Managers Association Code of Ethics. This […]

Roadway Repairs and Resurfacing Poised to Begin

One of the major items that both residents and visitors agree upon is the need to address the deteriorating state of the roadways around the island. During the Septic Tank Replacement Program (STRP) many of the roadways in and around the island were repaved as part of that project, however the results of that work has proven to be questionable. […]

Happy Birthday, Commissioner Donna Fiala!

Submitted Photo Collier County Commissioner Donna Fiala is celebrating her milestone 80th birthday. In 2000, Donna Fiala, fondly known as “The People’s Commissioner,” was elected County Commissioner for District 1. She has held that position ever since, currently in her fifth term. Her regularly held Town Hall Meetings enable citizens the opportunity to learn more about their local government. Commissioner […]

Adult Students’ Talent on Display

Marco Island Center for the Arts invites the public to view the vibrant work created by the Art Center’s students during the “Adult Student Show,” now through April 17, 2018, weekdays from 9 AM to 4 PM. This multimedia exhibition showcases skills the students have learned from the Art Center’s marvelous teaching artists and provides them the opportunity to present […]

A Healing Remembrance

The butterfly’s multi-hued, ethereal beauty serves as a metaphor for transcendence, resurrection and the soul in many cultural and religious traditions around the world. For the last 13 years, Avow Hospice has employed that symbolism to enable people to celebrate the lives of loved ones who’ve passed away at the nonprofit’s annual butterfly release. The community event, which features a […]

Bye-Bye Plastic Straws!

A single-use plastic straw that you might use for 10 minutes will be on this planet forever. It takes 200 years to break down into tiny toxic particles. Plastic straws are not recycled, and too many end up in our waterways and inside birds, turtles, dolphins, etc. The United States tosses 500 million plastic drinking straws every day. I am […]

EDITORIAL & OPINION: Reflecting on the Last Seven Months

More Straight Talk

It’s kind of amazing that it was just seven months ago that we were all thanking God for minimizing the damage that Hurricane Irma might have done when she made landfall here on Marco. That’s not to say that damage wasn’t done, for she left her share of wreckage and heartache behind her, but she spared us the terrible ravages […]

Keith Scalia, More Than a Teacher Part Two: The Crusade

The years, 2013-2014, were hectic ones for one of the English teachers in a large New York City public high school, in which the enrollment was almost evenly divided between African American, Hispanic and Asian students. In addition to his high school classes, Keith Scalia, as adjunct professor, was teaching a “Critical Thinking” night school class at a CUNY (City […]

Editorials & Opinions: Let’s Talk About Affordable Housing


Summer is coming up fast, and not much of a spring at all. So dry and quite warm for this time of year. There are still many people here because the weather up north is pretty darned cold. I’d stay here as well if I would have to face that cold (which I do not handle well at all). Affordable […]

Editorial & Opinion: Businessman President

In the last few weeks, several stories appeared in the press under the headline “Apprentice President.” They were mostly about a documentary with the same name. The obvious attempt of the documentary was to make Donald Trump appear to be a racist and a failure, and as someone who only rubs shoulders with the rich. It was a “fake” documentary […]