Letter to the Editor: Marco Island Property Owners Board of Directors

The Marco Island Property Owners (MIPO) rejects the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce’s petition drive to repeal the recently passed Rental Ordinance The Chamber of Commerce, together with a group of self-interested realtors, has made the political decision to support a challenge against the City Council’s passage of the Rental Ordinance. The Chamber has acquired a mailing list of Marco […]

Letter to the Editor: Dr. Gerald R. Swiacki

Regarding the Petition to Repeal the Rental Ordinance Shame on the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce.   The Chamber has aligned itself with the Realtors in an effort to damage the homeowners of Marco Island. The Chamber is assisting in gathering petition signatures to repeal the rental ordinance. They are attempting scare tactics to gather signatures by telling homeowners that their […]

Letter to the Editor: Harris

Councilor Honecker, I’m surprised that you said ‘repugnant’, when a prime definition is ‘antagonistic’, which describes your actions to a “T”. I disagree with a lot of things you said. One is that you must meet with the City Manager before every meeting to be effective. Roger must feel distrusted if he has to meet with all Councilors individually before […]

Letter to the Editor: Robert Russo

Gentlemen, I write to you to in the hopes that you can cease the frequent and continuing harassment of Councilor Rios by some members the council especially by Mr. Honecker.  Does Mr. Honecker have an outside agenda with Mr Rios that he is bringing to the council. His frequent looking at the ceiling and loud and obvious exhale of breath because Mr Rios is asking […]

Letter to the Editor: Support of Marco Island Referendum Petition on Rental Ordinance 15-01

Rental Ordinance Circulating for Marco Island Voter Signatures After receiving petition approval from the Marco Island City attorney, the Committee to Repeal the Ordinance has sent electronic versions of the petition and ordinance to concerned residents and organizations for distribution. The Committee chose multiple distribution channels including email from the Marco Island Chamber of Commerce (link available for petition download […]