LTE: Request to Reconsider the Proposed Rental Ordinance

To: City of Marco Island Council Members After reviewing the most recent draft of the proposed Rental Ordinance 15-01, I am providing the following comments, and request that the Council seriously reconsider the scope of the proposed ordinance. The noise and nuisance problem that Council is attempting to address is limited to a small number of single family homes that are rented […]

LTE: Elizabeth Moran Di Stefano

I own a condo in the Duchess on Marco Island and I have been notified about the the proposed ordinance No. 15 and want to point out that I am totally against including condominiums in this ordinance as I feel it is unnecessary for a variety of reasons. Proposing blanket registrations for condos will place additional responsibilities on condo management […]

LTE: J.J. Shady

Section 4 line 68 of the proposed Rental Ordinance is not an op-out for Marco Island condos, it is not a blanket registration. In fact it is a cumbersome process with heavy expenses and additional liabilities. Condos should not be a part on the rental ordinance. J.J. Shady Marco Island

LTE: Thank you Beautification Advisory Committee!

I was recently asked to attend last month’s Beautification Advisory Committee Community Forum.  My wife dutifully went, as we do to many functions that I’m invited to, however once we were there we were astounded by how interesting and helpful the various speakers and representatives were.  With all of the agonizing time Council has spent on developing a “fair and […]

Letter to the Editor: Siegfried and Bonnie Speder

Are condominium owners of Marco Island a problem to this community or not? Answer. They are not. Why? Because as local responsible members of our community we live by our Rules and By Laws of our Association. Our condo rules are enforced and carry a fine if violated. Our condo already receives an annual fire inspection and required building codes. […]

Letter to the Editor: Al Russell

I’m writing to express my objection to the proposal rental ordinance. I have owned a condo at The Essex Condominiums for 22 years. Condominium rentals have not been a problem and still aren’t today. All condominiums have documents that state laws and strict rules to take care of problematic renters. In fact these rules give us much more flexibility than the proposed […]

Planning Board discusses Density Credit Ordinance

By Pat Newman Acknowledging that there is “work to be done here,” Planning Board Chairman Charlette Roman and fellow members will once again review proposed changes to the Density Credit Transfer Ordinance at its March 20 meeting. With the end of the temporary moratorium set on density credit transfers looming, the board chose to continue its discussion from March 6 […]