Fireworks Funding Update

By Noelle H. Lowery With summer knocking on the door, the Marco Island community is gearing up for the annual Fourth of July festivities at Residents’ Beach. This year’s celebration is sure to go off in its usual big bang style thanks to the generous donations from community members, local businesses and the city of Marco Island. To date, […]

Swatting Skeets for 60 Years

By Natalie Strom It has been said that south Florida was the last great untamed wilderness; an area that was relatively unlivable until the era of the air conditioner and mosquito repellent. Summer residents know all too well the value of a window AC unit and, on the opposite end, the aggravation of a mosquito buzzing in one’s ear. […]

Code Compliance Changes on the Horizon

By Noelle H. Lowery  The Marco Island City Council has drawn a line in the sand. At the heart of the issue is the growing community debate over how to handle code compliance issues. This debate has been fueled by the real estate foreclosure crisis, which has left city officials conflicted about how to deal with abandoned and bank-owned […]

Building Block Donation

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Students at Tommie Barfield Elementary got to test out the very latest in playground equipment before school ended. “The Imagination Playground Building Block equipment, is part of the STEM initiative,” said Principal Jory Westberry. “The students were instantly drawn into showing off their creativity. We had a car, a horse, mini-golf course and fittingly, the […]

Tarzan Camp preparing Lords of the Jungle!

By Coastal Breeze News Staff “Who wants to go first?” yells Matt Gordon. Dozens of little six and seven year old hands go up. “Are you READY?” Matt’s excitement is contagious to the children as he winds his way through an obstacle course that he and his partner Paul Greenleaf put together. Of course, he is closely followed by more […]

Ecliptic Notes

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher It has been some time since the ecliptic has been a topic of discussion in this column. As tonight the nearly full Moon has chased the lesser stars from the sky this would be a good time to contemplate this vitally important yet invisible line. The ecliptic is simply the apparent path the […]

Adult Indoor Soccer kicks off at YMCA

By Steve Reynolds  A new program for adults has begun and is already sparking a high interest from players and observers alike. It’s Adult Indoor Soccer or” Futsal” and it made its program debut at the Greater Marco Family YMCA What is Futsal? The name is a conversion from the Portuguese futebol which can be translated as “hall football”. The […]

Board, Staff and 2013-14 Calendar

AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY CARES Lisa Honig Another season is behind us and your local American Cancer Society Unit continues to grow by adding new board members, a new Administrative Assistant and by developing a robust calendar for 2013-14. We cannot thank all of our volunteers, board members, business leaders and all of our citizens that have supported us this season […]

How to be a Party Animal, Part Two

DOG & STYLE  Tony Wakefield-Jones As my loyal readers already know, I am the undisputed king of the “party animal” universe. However, as a professional journalist with a high-profile position at Coastal Breeze News, I have actually never been to an “office party.” Woof! New territory! Imagine my excitement as I hopped in the back of “Anderson Mini Cooper” to […]

A burger with ATTITUDE!

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman While there is nothing new about blending different cuts of meat to create a burger, I’ve yet to see any analysis on what actually makes the best burger. Is it the fat content? Texture? Flavor? My guess is all three, but what does one cut have to offer over another? Why mix three cuts […]