Museum of Military Memorabilia

By Jane A. The Museum of Military Memorabilia opened August 1, 2011 in the Commercial Terminal of the Naples Municipal Airport in time for a memorial event, “Keeping the Spirit of ’45 Alive”. The opening of the museum was preceded by a year of planning which began with a request to place some of the existing organization’s military memorabilia in […]

How to be a Party Animal

DOG & STYLE As we all know, the pop culture term used to describe one who is exceptionally adept at having a good time is “party animal”—not “party human.” And there’s a reason for this, people. Of course, this also explains why so many of my bi-ped readers write for advice on how to host elaborate soirees, survive an afternoon […]

Three Planets with One Glance

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher There are several dog constellations in tTonight we have a rare visual treat! We have not two, but three planets in conjunction, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. Technically, a pair of planets are in conjunction when they share the same right ascension, the celestial equivalent of longitude, but the word is commonly used whenever […]

Pickles on my Doorstep

GOODLAND LIFE Strange things happen in Goodland. But by “strange” I don’t mean bad – not by any means – just unusual, out of the ordinary, whacky, crazy, funny, “You can’t make this s#@! up,” kind of stuff. Here’s a good story that is completely true and completely odd. “The Pickling” Late one evening, I opened my front door for […]

Paddles and Poker

By Julia Barnett If you’re looking for something fut to do in June, why not make it something that also does a lot of good? Saturday, June 8th, will be the First Annual SUP Poker Run, benefitting Special Olympics Florida and our local Special Olympics SUP team. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle, and it’s a sport that’s new to […]

Rare Turtle Rescue

By Coastal Breeze News Staff On May 9th, a surprise visitor to our waters was thankfully rescued by Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve staff and Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). A boater approximately three miles west of Caxambas Pass on Marco Island called the FWC to report that a turtle was apparently entangled in a crab trap. […]

Python Found at Mainsail

By Coastal Breeze News Staff At around the same time as an endangered leatherback sea turtle was being rescued, a heavily invasive species – the Burmese python – was just being discovered under a valve cover box on Mainsail Drive. Lawn care workers opened the valve cover to find a large, shiny snake coiled up at the bottom of the […]

Dolphins: Wild and Free

PROTECTING & PRESERVING Nancy Richie With smile-like expressions on their faces, serious agility that translates to playfulness to human observers and a curiosity that may equal ours, dolphins are WILD animals – marine mammals that need to be treated as such to keep them that way. “Flipper” is the iconic dolphin whose story created the myth that a wild […]

The joys of traveling Down Under alone

By Carol Glassman Many people dream of visiting Australia and New Zealand, but those same people are usually intimidated by the distance and the cost. These are certainly facts to consider but when you think of the rewards of being in these unique countries, you may find it worth the effort. Give yourself a lot of lead time to plan […]

Optimists Opt for Camp Mackle

By Natalie Strom The Optimist Club of Marco Island is certainly known for its successful sports programs such as soccer, football, cheerleading and basketball. Many of the Optimist programs utilize Mackle Park’s fields and recreation areas which are run by the City of Marco Island’s Parks and Recreation Division. On Thursday, May 9th, OCMI President Eddie Webb and Treasurer […]