Mad Hatter Tea Party To Come!

Don’t be late for this very important date! The Mad Hatter and Alice have invited you to join them in Wonderland on May 11th, for a morning filled with the puzzling nonsense and the maddening fun that is the Mad Hatter Tea Party. Mothers, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, nieces, neighbors, and friends are encouraged to celebrate the day before Mother’s Day […]

Meet the Marco Riders

The Marco Riders have been religiously meeting on Sunday mornings for over 20 years.  Age, style, color or size, every bike and everyone is accepted. The Marco Riders isn’t so much of a club, but a loosely organized group of motorcycle enthusiasts, explains Carmen Dasti. “We meet at CVS on Sundays at around 8:45 AM and we decide where we […]

The Southern Cross Shines Above Marco

By Mike P. Usher – Once a year, it’s always nice to revisit the Southern Cross, technically known as Crux, as a reminder of just how far south Marco Island is located. Although the Cross rises above the horizon every day of the year, it is usually hidden by daylight, clouds or the ungodly lateness of the hour. Only at the […]

Second Trimester Bliss!

By Crystal Manjarres – I just wanted to say that there is nothing better than living on Marco Island—except being pregnant in paradise! I have to say that life just doesn’t seem to be able to get any better than this (and yet I know that the best is still yet to come). I am blessed with a loving family, wonderful […]

A Woof in Sheepcoating

DOG & STYLE Tony Wakefield-Jones  I recently turned 11 years old. Yes, mathematical wizards, that means I’m the human equivalent of 77. Of course, we’re never too old to stop learning. More importantly, we’re really never too old to learn something new about ourselves. Let’s take a look at the last year, for example. Our family added a second dog. I […]

Advance thinking and planning

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” – Winston Churchill By Darcie Guerin – The coffee maker didn’t work, that’s why your coffee isn’t ready.” I had to laugh as I heard those words fall out of my mouth one morning when Pete returned from walking the dogs. The truth was that I had been watching “Downtown Abbey” on Netflix […]

A Week In Winter

A Week In Winter By Maeve Binchy Knopf, November 2012 The Irish speak English with a musical lilt, softening even the harshest words and syllables. The best Irish authors bring this magical musical lilt to their written word. In my opinion, Maeve Binchy is in that class of authors. Some paint pictures with their words, but Maeve paints life with her […]