Opposable thumbs are overrated

DOG & STYLE Tony Wakefield-Jones Tony@mindzoo.com         Dear Tony: How do I keep my dog, Mr. T, from helping himself to “people food” such as our peanut butter? Adam C. – Columbia, MO  Dear Mr. Adam: Forgive me for sounding a bit insensitive but you appear to be a somewhat shortsighted biped. In my home, I am encouraged […]

Goats and water bearers

SOUTHERN SKIES By Mike P. Usher usher34105@earthlink.net   Tonight Capricornus, the goat, rides fairly high in the southeastern sky. It is usually visualized as a hybrid half goat – half fish creature; it’s also extremely old – it has endured essentially unchanged for over 3,000 years. Likely this is because of its great importance (to an agricultural society) as being […]

Call me crazy but I have to pick Murray

READ MY TIPS  Doug Browne  dbrowne912@aol.com Okay, I’m either a real optimist or just a huge Andy Murray fan but I think he is due and will win the 2012 US Open men’s singles title. The problem with my latest prediction is that future Hall of Famer Roger Federer is once again, the top player in the world and he just […]

St. Eustatius and St. Kitts

CRUISING LIFE Frances Diebler hfdiebler@gmail.com After leaving St Barts, we sailed to St. Eustatius, Netherland Antilles, better known as Statia. It was a “Chamber of Commerce” day. The sun was brilliant, puffy pure white clouds touched the bright blue sky which came down to a blue green sea. We just glided along on a beam reach with an east wind of […]

Poptails equal summer fun

CHEF’S TABLE Chef Anne Feinman  thechefsexpress@aol.com Poptails are grownup’s version of popsicles. A refreshing frozen alcoholic beverage on a stick. Sound intriguing? Read on… You’re poolside, the sun is really hot and you’re thinking about those cold specialty drinks you enjoyed on vacation. The pina colada, mudslide, or perhaps watermelon margarita. Most of your favorite drinks can be turned into a […]

Shallow water sharks of the 10,000 Islands

FOLLOW THE FISH  Capt. Pete Rapps  Pete@CaptainRapps.com Our summer water temperatures bring many types of Shark into the shallow waters of the 10,000 Islands. They are here to breed, and arrive in good numbers. Although there are Shark here year round, it is now that they are most abundant. Below is a list of the five most common Shark in our […]


BOOK REMARKS  Diane Bostick  dianebostick@comcast.net   Author: Michael McGarrity  Publisher: Dulton Adult, 2012  I am doing much of my reading these days on either my Kindle or my iPad as I have taken to using them for ease of use while reading in bed or traveling, and while I am using one my husband can be reading the same book on […]

Are you a “desk” potato?

Q&A WITH THE FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres Crystal@PinkIslandFitness.com Want to get fit, but can’t leave your desk? No problem! You know you need to exercise. No time for morning exercise between work, kids, and dog? Does evening exercise leave you too hyper to sleep? Then the office workout is for you! If you have 5-10 minutes…Go stair climbing—seriously! Go up and down […]

Exploring the real Everglades

BUZZ FROM THE SWAMP  Patricia Huff  mulletrapper@gmail.com Clyde Butcher’s Big Cypress Gallery will hold its annual Labor Day Weekend Swamp Walks from Friday, September 1, through Monday, September 3. Every year I write about the excitement of “walking” in the swamp, the only way to really experience the true Everglades (up close and personal). During the winter season, we have many […]

Rainbow of colors in the garden

PLANT TALK  Mike Malloy  mikemalloy@naplesbutterfly.com Native to Fiji in the South Pacific, the Acalypha – better known as copperleaf- group of plants has the most colorful foliage I’ve ever seen. They can turn your garden into a spectacular, unending kaleidoscope of color. Under perfect conditions they will grow to ten feet and just as wide, but they can be kept […]