Wonders of the Frond Zoo

By Monte Lazarus Bengoshi@comcast.net Twenty years ago Heidi Saletko and her husband were clearing palm fronds from their yard for recycling. Heidi is an artist; her husband was clearly very perceptive. He suggested using the fronds for her painting. Voila! The Frond Zoo was born. Heidi began using parts of five types of fronds to create animal masks. She began […]

Are you smarter than a Stone Crab?

By Val Simon  val@coastalbreezenews.com  Fortunately, there wasn’t a quiz at the end of the “Are you smarter than a stone crab?” program. The educational program was fun, informative and tasty too, thanks to Rookery Bay, the local Sea Grant Extension agent-Bryan Fluech and Grimm’s Stone Crab Company. The program offered an in-depth look at the Stone Crab claw industry and […]