Everglades City applauds graduating students

By  Patricia Huff Tonight, June 3, Everglades City celebrates our high school graduation with seven bright young adults making the transition. Although we may have one of the smallest graduating classes in the state, we believe our students are just as qualified to compete with the best. We have one student who has enlisted in the U.S. Army, two students […]

Coyotes in Southwest Florida?

By Nancy Richie Coyotes were introduced in Florida for pursuit by hunting dogs as early as the 1920’s. The coyote’s natural expansion into Florida from then on was inevitable. As coyote numbers increase, concern over their influence on Florida’s indigenous prey species, competing predators, livestock and vegetables has grown. Coyote impact on native wildlife has already been seen in northern […]

The world at your fingertips

By Vickie Kelber With the internet, the world is literally at your fingertips.  Investigating, booking, and enjoying all aspects of the travel experience from the essential to the esoteric can be accomplished online. Booking sites for flights change rapidly. Individual sites do not necessarily have information about all airlines and with Google’s planned purchase of ITA software, more changes are […]

Divorce Jewelry?

By Richard Alan Wait, before you decide I’m crazy and turn the page, you must understand I get many requests for such things. Yeah, I know, weeks ago I spoke about the beauty of a long and loving marriage and how many couples even renew vows after certain anniversary dates. And I have the utmost respect for them. Personally, I’m […]

The Ecliptic runs through it

By Mike P. Usher Tonight the Summer Milky Way is rising, almost looking like the beginning of dawn; just above it is the large, but fairly faint constellation of Ophiuchus. It is usually drawn as a man grasping a snake, and as one might expect the name in ancient Greek means “serpent-bearer.” Recently it has become famous (again) as the […]


Q&A with Simba

This column is the opinion of a 3 year old African Grey Parrot named “Simba” who has an extremely high intelligence level. While he does not possess a degree from any college or university, he does have a strong opinion of himself and feels that he is the best candidate to answer the complex questions of today’s discerning pets…and the […]

Keeping proper watch avoids accidents

By Capt. Carl Kelly US Coast Guard Rule Number 5 requires that “every vessel shall at all times maintain a proper lookout by sight and hearing as well as by all available means appropriate in the prevailing circumstances and conditions as to make a full appraisal of the situation.” The obvious intent is to avoid accidents. I have served on […]

Staying cool on the boat in hot weather

Capt. Pete Rapps Many flats fishermen have their boats set up for efficient casting. This involves minimizing items in the boat that can create obstacles and snags. Most of us fishing out of flats boats do not have bimini tops or T-tops for this reason. Because of this, there is no shade or any way to duck out of the […]

The Reversal

By Diane Bostick Author: Michael Connelly Published by Little, Brown and Company New York October 2010 It is always reassuring to know that you can depend on your favorite author to come out, on schedule, with another book you can’t put down. Michael Connelly has done it again with his 23rd fiction novel, The Reversal. In this one we have […]