Do you know how to report adult abuse – statistics are staggering

Elder Abuse Part I Abuse and neglect is a widespread problem in societies of the 21st century. In the prior century, elderly abuse remained somewhat of a private matter well hidden from the public view. Today it is increasing becoming a critical issue, and affecting people of all races, ethnic backgrounds, and social statuses. In the U.S., the Federal government […]

Corks worth two cents to charity

By Joan Kelly I love recycling. I am always looking for ways to keep my trash out of the landfill. Take for example wine corks. We have plenty around this house, squirreled away in little boxes just waiting for a good recycling idea. Well, here’s an idea that has a sort of poetic justice. Give them back to the wine […]

Better Red Than Dead

This is not a political polemic. Settle back, relax, drop any political or other anxiety, and watch “RED” (an acronym for “Retired, Extremely Dangerous”). The plot is silly, unbelievable and only slightly gory. The movie is thoroughly amusing and entertaining. Frank Moses (an aging Bruce Willis) is living a quiet, pastoral life. His main entertainment is tearing up his monthly […]

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall

Fall is finally here and although pests and diseases are not as abundant as they are during the summer and spring, they are still quite active so it is important for the lawn to be healthy. The transition from summer growth to winter growth is an ideal time to provide fall fertilization. A well-fertilized lawn will store up a substantial […]

The Rembrandt Affair

by Daniel Silva Published by G. P. Putnam, New York 2010 The economy was in a downward spiral. Desperate times called for desperate measures. In times like these, new means of accretion of wealth had to be devised to feed the greed of the world’s upper echelon. So it is that the profession of stolen art made a comeback. Relinquishing […]

Speed limits and safe speed going by the law

By Capt. Carl Kelly Speed limits for coastal and inland waterways include a few actual mile per hour limits as well as “Idle speed no wake,” “Slow speed minimum wake,” and “Normal safe operation.” Idle speed is defined as the minimum speed that will maintain steerageway, the slowest speed at which it is possible to steer the boat. Slow speed […]

You’ve been framed!

For well over 100 years bicycles have changed quite a lot from the heavy steel gauged framed bicycles that my Grandfathers rode in many championship races, to that of the super light weight carbon frames that my cousin has ridden to win a few of his own championships. There was no other real choice in the early 1900’s but now […]

Cruising the West Coast of Florida – Marco to St Petersburg

The West Coast of Florida is a really great and varied coastline for cruisers. There are bays, sounds, rivers, islands, protected harbors and towns along the way. One could spend a whole season cruising along the Florida West coast and you would never get tired of the trip. Since we live on Marco Island, where our boat Grendel is kept, […]

What’s up with all the Rat Reds?

Lately I have been hearing about it everywhere I go. Local fishermen in the 10,000 islands have been reporting abundant catches of small “Rat Reds” in the 10”-14” range. It’s not unusual to hear of catches of 15 or more in a single morning. They are hitting everything from artificials like DOA Shrimp or Gulp Shrimp, to natural baits like […]

Fishing clinic held for migrant youth

Forty-five young people ignored the “No Fishing” sign and cast their baited lines into the marina waters of Port of the Islands. Adults stood by and watched. Of course, this was the Fourth National Wildlife Refuge Week Fishing Clinic sponsored by the various national wildlife refuges of Collier County and participated in by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the […]