Burglar Alert

On April 12, 2010, the Crazy Flamingo was burglarized. We need your help to find the criminal. The person is 5’7″ to 5’9″ tall and weighs about 140-145. They were driving a smaller light colored 4 door sedan.

Home of the 39th President

By Joe Giannone Jr. Past weekend, while on a vacation with my family, we stayed and played in Plains, Georgia. What’s so special about Plains, Georgia, you ask? Well, first of all it’s the leading producer of pecan and cotton in Georgia, and it’s the home and birthplace of our countries 39th president, Mr. Jimmy Carter. Past President Carter still […]

Nafplio, Greece

Located on the serenely beautiful Argolic Gulf 2 hours from Athens, Nafplio (Nafplion), with its stepped streets, profusion of flowers, and car free old town is a charming location from which to explore the Peloponnese Peninsula. A popular weekend destination for Athenians, Nafplio is a town of parks, fountains, small churches, and enchanting seaside. Spring and fall are the best […]

Going North Anyone?

Listening to Goodlanders make noises about going North for the summer, I queried friends as to how they travel and believe me, I heard some tall, but true tales. Ruth’s grandson gave up his Spring break to drive down from Ohio, help her pack up and take her back for the summer. Ruth is a lucky grandmother and she has […]

Posture: another important fundamental

Your posture or the angle of your body at the address position will probably determine at what position the club face will be in when it contacts the ball. When you watch a player address the ball, you already have an idea that they are in either a good or bad position to make a good swing. Proper posture can […]

Whatever happened to the halcyon days of junior tennis?

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, the Pacific Northwest tennis circuit offered a unique concept that made it one of the most popular tours in the country: Each event lasted one week and began each June in Eugene, Oregon. At the completion of the first tournament, the players moved on to Portland and then to Washington State for two more […]

2010 Four Diamond Award Designation

AAA Auto Club South recently awarded the Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort with a 2010 Four Diamond Award Designation. “AAA Four Diamond Award winners represent the upper echelon of the hospitality industry” said David Pojero, AAA area executive, Southwest Florida, said, “These properties,” Pojero continues, “consistently deliver a high level of personal comfort and attention to every guest. To achieve and maintain […]

Sinking barge leaked hydraulic fluid

On Sunday, the Marco Island Fire/Rescue Department was called to this sinking barge and backhoe at 1190 Twin Oaks. Floating debris and leaking hydraulic fluid were evident. The Hazmat team deployed booms around the barge to contain leakage. The National Response Center and the Coast Guard were notified as required by law and this has been turned over to Code […]

Reflections on China

This is the first of a short set of articles comparing glimpses of China 30 years ago with today’s China. In 1980 I began a series of business/pleasure trips to Asia centered on obtaining U.S. aviation rights to serve China. The first articles are condensed from extensive notes taken in 1980. The later set is based on a trip in […]

Key Marco

There is a lot of confusion over where or what is “Key Marco.” Most new residents to the Island have heard of the “Key Marco Cat” and know vaguely that it is a small statue of a kneeling wooden feline image found on Marco in 1896. Others know that it was found by Frank Hamilton Cushing in his archaeological dig […]