Men’s Softball

Game #1 @ 6:15pm:  Nacho Mama’s def. Eli Contracting, 18-15 Nacho Highlights 3 HITS: Justin Ramierez, Greg Curry, & Kevin Sullivan 2 HITS: Jordan Weatherbee Eli Highlights 2 HITS: Juan Martinez, Elex Parker, Christian Polanco, John Wright, & Jon Sally Game #2 @ 7:30pm:  Cocomo’s Grill def. Sunset Grille, 20-4 Cocomo’s Highlights 4 HITS: Scott Gibbs 3 HITS: Rich Busch, […]

Kenny Gaskin – A Local Hero!

Little did Kenny Gaskin know within weeks of earning his First Aid Badge in Boy Scout Troop #234, he’d use one of the techniques learned to save his own grandfather, Roger Wunstel! Kenny spent three weeks practicing various life-saving techniques taught by Marco Island’s Fire/Rescue Department’s Chris Byrne and Don Jones, just two of the scout leaders assisting with the troop […]

City of Marco Island Police Department 2010 Award Ceremony

The Marco Island Police Department recently held an awards ceremony celebrating the department’s 10th Anniversary while recognizing the individual achievements of Marco Island’s finest. Kicking off the evening after the pledge and invocation Cpt. Dave Baer followed by City Manager Steve Thompson. Presenting awards were Captain James Hassig-emcee, Lt. Dave Baer, Lt. Pete Beucler, Lt. Matt Goetz and Lt. Mike […]

2010 Spirit of Marco Island Awards

The five recipients of the prestigious “Spirit of Marco Island” awards have been announced by the Marco Island Noontime Rotary Club: Stan and Donna Niemczyk They were surprised by the announcement made at a recent Kiwanis meeting. Donna Niemczyk works for the Marco Island Area Chamber of Commerce and is the current President of the Kiwanis Club. Stan Niemczyk, a […]

Bicycle Safety

Before every ride, you should check your bike for the following to be sure it is in safe riding condition. Tire pressure-the amount is listed on the side of your tires. Check tires for wear, cuts or debris. Worn tires may blow the tubes while riding. Check all brakes for proper working condition. Saddle at proper height and secure. Handlebar […]

Inherited diamonds… betroth them, or not?

More than once in my career as a goldsmith I have been unwillingly appointed to be the advisor to a mother’s emotionally painful decision to present or not to present their departed mother’s or grandmother’s most precious treasure… her diamond ring, to her beloved son for him to betroth the inherited engagement instrument to the love of his life. The new […]

Coastal Comments

We can all see the car transports busily picking up winter residents cars to head back up north. These wonderful people have brought much to our community over the last few months and we thank them. We wish them well during the coming summer months and look forward to their return in the late fall. Some of you have noticed the land clearing taking place at […]

If no one is looking, are you doing what’s right?

If you break the law when no one is looking and you don’t get caught on camera, have you really broken the law? What if you’re at the grocery store, you’ve checked out your cart and when you get to your car, you discover a small item that you didn’t pay for wedged in the cart. Do you go back inside and pay or just drive […]

CRA’s and an opportunity to serve

By now, if you’re not aware of what a ‘CRA’ is you may be spending too much time at the beach! The City Council agenda for April 5th included a second reading of a proposal to establish a ‘CRA’ in the vicinity of Town Center. It’s obvious from public comment heard at the meeting most people feel strongly about the subject […]

Happy 100th Birthday!

Mabel Flora Swank Zieglar, a resident of Marco Island since 1977, will be celebrating her 100th birthday on April 12th. Mabel was born at home in Crawfordsvile, Indiana. Her parents were Catherine and George Swank.  During her early school years, she would ride to school in a mule drawn buckboard (her school bus). Mabel graduated nursing school from the Methodist […]