Donna Fiala’s Coastal Comments

So often I have heard people on Marco Island say something about not knowing where their tax dollars go. I thought I would just outline a few services that Marco taxes pay for, such as our wonderful library, the Caxambus boat ramp, maintenance, etc., the new 951 boat launch and expanded parking, Tigertail Beach maintenance and operations, South Beach maintenance, […]

Fitness on the Force

Marco Island firefighter EMT, Christian Holmes, performs the Hip Reach that works on the flexibility of the hips and pelvis, releasing tension on the knees, hips and lower back. Christian was born in Staffordshire, England and moved with his family to the U.S. when he was 16. Asked if he dreamt of being a fireman when he was young, Christian […]

Houses of Worship

United Church of Marco Island 320 N. Barfield Dr. 239-394-6572 Wesley United Methodist Church 350 S. Barfield Dr. 239-394-3734 Jewish Congregation of Marco Island 991 Winterberry Dr. 239-642-0800 First Family Baptist Church 1450 Winterberry Dr. 239-394-1646 San Marco Catholic Church 851 San Marco Rd. 239-394-5181 St. Finbarr’s in Naples Holy Family in Everglades City Marco Lutheran […]

Angler or not, get out there!

The question comes up often…… “I would like to do a fishing charter with my wife, but she is not really into fishing like I am. Can we do a combination of a fishing/sight seeing charter? The truth is that there is so much natural beauty to enjoy while out on the water here in Southwest Florida. Much of the […]

The Grip

Grip, Posture, Backswing, Downswing and Impact Zone or Release Every aspect of the fundamentals is important and each one needs to be understood clearly. The proper grip can make your association with the club a positive and good starting point. The only thing that will contact the ball is the club face and the only thing that touches the club […]

When is Jewelry art or just glitz?

It’s a question I am often asked, seeing that I make my living, designing creating, and repairing jewelry, but it is still a tough question to answer. For centuries gold has been a symbol of wealth and success. Wars were fought, regimes toppled, civilizations even erased. Tons of gold was well spent or frivolously squandered. For example, amongst the Egyptians, […]

Goodland Spirit

An upbeat feeling is stirring Goodland these days.  We know spring is coming, but this feeling is more than that.  It’s a bona fide spirit. For starters, events like the Mullet Festival, Boat Parade, Pancake Breakfasts and Garage Sale have been quite successful. New and long-time residents have been working side-by-side contributing time, effort and money to support civic projects. We […]

Isles of Capri

Women from La Peninsula condominiums on Isles of Capri prepared an international feast for friends and neighbors. The first of what will be an annual event embracing international traditional, music, foods and drink was celebrated on Isle of Capri. Included in the festivities was Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Japan. Rosa, who is on staff at La Pen, not only lent […]

A Word of Advice

We recently were contacted by a family who had been red tagged by the City of Marco Island. These folks had been victimized by someone who had portrayed himself as a licensed contractor and who had given them the impression that he had taken care of necessary paperwork (permits, etc.). It turned out he was unlicensed and obviously not an […]

Tax Scams

Dear Coastal Breeze News, There is a scam going around and I want to warn residents. I am a CPA and prepare tax returns. One of my 84 year old clients called me almost in tears. Someone called her and said they were from the IRS and she owed $25,000. She told them she had a CPA and this wasn’t […]