Congratulations on New Endeavor

Dear Editor Glassman; First, I would like to congratulate you and your staff on this new endeavor. It is certainly a breath of fresh air. (sorry I could’t help myself) The article about Robert College written by Mr. Ayasun was of extreme interest as it gave information about my family that was all new to me. I knew Hannibal was […]

27th Annual Marco Island Community Prayer Breakfast

Renowned speaker Ken Smith to keynote the 2010 Marco Island Community Prayer Breakfast. The 27th Marco Island Community Prayer Breakfast will be addressed by Ken Smith, on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 7:30 a.m. at the Marriott Marco Beach Resort. Tickets are available by advanced purchase from the Marco Chamber of Commerce and most Marco Island Houses of Worship. Cost […]

New in DVD for February

Week of Febrary 1 Amelia – Hilary Swank stars as Amelia Earhart; Richard Gere costars. Rated PG Love Happens – Romantic drama starring Jennifer Anston. Rated PG 13 More Than a Game – Documentary about NBA star, LeBron James. Rated PG New York, I Love You – From the producer of Paris, je t’aime, features 11 short films that personify […]

Sunblogging: Day 6 of the Sundance Film Festival

OK, Day 6 and, guess what?  It’s snowing!!!!!! It looks like a mini blizzard out there.  I am skipping an early film and won’t venture out until noontime. Jake Scott, the son of prolific producer and director Ridley Scott, directed Welcome to the Rileys, which provided a break from his typical roles for James Gandolfini as a grieving father who […]

Sunblogging: Day 7 of the Sundance Film Festival

Still snowing…… I started my morning with a 3D documentary, Cane Toads: the Conquest, or, as the filmmaker quipped, Avatoad, with humor, it presented the plight of the cane toad in Australia; 150 were imported to help solve a problem with a sugar cane destroying insect.  As so often happens when man tries to control nature, it didn’t work and […]

Sunblogging: Day 8 of the Sundance Film Festival

Today on the way to the theater, we passed a herd of elk…and the SUN came out for a while in the afternoon. Bilal’s Stand is a film in a new category at Sundance called ‘Next’. These are films that are supposed to help Sundance get back to its roots as a true indie film festival.  They are by new […]

Sunblogging: Day 9 of the Sundance Film Festival

I sure am tired of wearing 3 to 5 layers of clothing!  I’m beginning to feel like a giant marshmallow! The good news is that there was no snow today; the bad is that it is supposed to snow tomorrow night, Sunday, and Monday. The Romantics was a disappointment.  Directed and based on the novel by Galt Niederhoffer who has […]

Sunblogging: Day 10 of the Sundance Film Festival

The sun was out all day today! Twelve, based on the novel written by acclaimed writer Nick McDonell when he was 17, focuses on the drug culture of upper Eastside New York young people.  The title refers to a fictional super ecstasy type drug.  The film said a lot about bad morals, the idea of celebrity, and, as director Joel […]

Sunblogging: Day 11 of the Sundance Film Festival

Awards Day Yes, the snow is back again, but the town has emptied out.  Main Street is almost deserted and we didn’t have to wait for a table for breakfast at the Eating Establishment, a popular restaurant.  Today, the various award winners will light up the screens. The Grand Jury Prize for US Documentary went to Restrepo.  The film chronicles one […]

Sunblogging: End of Sundance

The Day After Today on the local radio station, the DJ said, “Be sure to spend time outside today as it is beautiful, sunny, and 25°. Yes, it is sunny but I’m still wearing three layers and a down jacket.  Since there is no film until tonight, it gave me the opportunity to do some shopping.  Park City is home […]