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Tai Chi Yang


The Tai Chi exercise, simply known as forms, is practiced to foster the circulation of Chi. Sifu Olfus is a certified senior Tai Chi instruc- tor who teaches the 24 Yang style form to help beginners master balance and proper body alignment. This is also a key means to achieve core strength and rhythm of motion. In addition, the style form exercise is calming and relaxing in and onto itself for improved overall health and longevity. Walk?ins Welcome! Friday Sept. 19, Oct. 10, & Nov. 7 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Mackle Park $10/class Sifu Maurice Olfus   Min: ... Read More »

Late Summer Fishing in 10,000 Islands

Chuck and Danny with a Speckled sea trout. PHOTOS BY CAPT. PETE RAPPS

FOLLOW THE FISH Capt. Pete Rapps [email protected] As August rolls into September, we are at the peak of summer heat and rainy afternoons here in the 10,000 Islands. Day time air temperatures will average around 92 degrees. Water temps will hover around 86 degrees. Typical to our summer months, it will heat up so much by mid-day, that the bite will usually drop off by lunch time. We will still get mid-day storms, which will cool things off a little, and will again produce a late afternoon/early evening bite. Snook season opens up on Sept. 1. Many areas around the ... Read More »

Feel the Burn with Booty Barre Sculpt

The ladies in Margaret Lamp’s Booty Barre Sculpt class are feeling the burn. SUBMITTED PHOTOS

By Noelle H. Lowery [email protected] I am a runner. There are few things in this world that make me feel better than a a good five-mile run. Sad, but true. In my lifetime, I took ballet, and was a competitive gymnast and a cheerleader in high school. I also coached both gymnastics and cheerleading after college, and have taken my fair share of Pilates and yoga classes. So, when I heard about Margaret Lamp’s new Booty Barre Sculpt class at the Healthy Body Fitness Class Studio on Bald Eagle Drive, I thought, “No sweat! Piece of cake!” Let’s just say ... Read More »


~The Aquatic Preserve Society is the first statewide organization for Florida’s 41 aquatic preserves~ A new statewide citizen support organization (CSO), the Aquatic Preserve Society, has been formed to promote the protection of Florida’s 41 aquatic preserves. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Florida Coastal Office has long made use of the volunteerism and fundraising capabilities of citizen support organizations from around the state. These CSOs work in conjunction with regional staff to hold events and provide operational support throughout the year. “We are very excited to see how the Aquatic Preserve Society develops,” said Kevin Claridge of the Florida ... Read More »

Native Beauty on Display

The starting point at the MIHM native plant walk.

By Melinda Gray [email protected] During the hustle and bustle of an average day, I wonder how often we notice just how amazing Southwest Florida is. I find when I take time to notice the natural beauty of my surroundings, I truly appreciate living here. The native animal and plant life that surrounds us is a fascinating mixture of beauty and strength. Mother Nature is wild, and taming her takes a special touch. The Marco Island Historical Museum (MIHM) has accepted her challenge, and has been busy cultivating an impressive exhibit featuring native plant life available around-the-clock for the enjoyment and ... Read More »

Knights Honored for 60th Flag Day

All pose for a group photo after the Flag Day ceremony.

By Coastal Breeze News Staff In recognition of the 60th anniversary of Flag Day, the Marco Island City Council gave the Knights of Columbus a Proclamation. The proclamation was given during a City Council meeting and read during a brief ceremony held by the Knights of Columbus after mass on Flag Day. Knights attending were in full regalia. The ceremony was held in the Memorial Garden of San Marco Catholic Parish and was presided by Father Tim Navin. The National Anthem was sung by Pat Ettensohn. The proclamation by the City Council stated: “By an Act of Congress in 1949, ... Read More »

Drama-less Jewelry Inspections


ALL THAT GLITTERS Richard Alan [email protected] It’s something most people rarely think about… the present condition of your fine jewelry; and that can include that expensive watch you have been wearing nonstop for a couple of decades or so. I am the first stop when something goes terribly wrong. For example, the loss of the important and highly cherished center stone in your engagement ring or the metal or leather strap on your favorite watch falls from your being during the frenzy that occurs at airport security or the luggage carousel. I’ve heard it all… Folks will tell me again ... Read More »

The Four Pre-Swing Fundamentals: Part 1 of 4

Exhibit B. 3 most widely used ways to grip a golf= club. Left to right: 10 Finger, Over Lap, Inter Lock.

Golf Tips Todd Elliott [email protected] The four pre-swing fundamentals of the golf swing are grip, stance, alignment and ball position. The pre-swing fundamentals are the most important elements to becoming a better golfer. There are a million different ways to swing the club and make the golf ball go towards the target, however correct pre-swing fundamentals are universal. Bad fundamentals lead to bad habits in the golf swing. I teach golfers who aim 30 yards right of their target. The student will hit the first shot 30 yards right of their target, turn to me and say, “See, I told ... Read More »

The Reel and the Rod Tip


LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink islandgirlscharters.com There are many successful fishing techniques that can be utilized depending on your fishing location and targeted species. Some of the more common techniques used include fly fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, kite fishing and cast and retrieve. In the local back country areas of the Ten Thousand Islands and Everglades National Park, I have experimented with numerous techniques, but have found one, in particular, to be most effective which I will share with you in this article. I prefer to fish with light to ultra-light spinning tackle, a light- to medium-weight rod between ... Read More »

Keep It Light


LADY ANGLERS Captain Mary A. Fink islandgirlscharters.com Although the sport of fishing is great fun, the excitement of catching is even more so. One sure bet to increase the action on your next trip is to use light tackle. Light tackle can be defined as a reel with a line capacity and strength in the 8-15 lb. range and a rod that is much lighter and shorter than average, say between 4-6 feet. Consider ultra light tackle being on the lowest end of this range. Keep in mind that fly fishing is light tackle fishing in a category all of its ... Read More »

YOGA: So Much More Than a Pose


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell [email protected] Yoga is a sophisticated system, a way of living and a guide for a free and joy-filled life lived authentically. I often refer to the phrase: “Happiness is when what we think, what we say and how we act are the same.” Integrity is defined as the state of being whole and undivided. The opposite of that is being imbalanced, polarized, at unease with oneself and the world. Here is where YOGA comes in. We find in the practice of the pose our obstacles that we have erected and gently inhabit them and breathe ... Read More »

Going Mental


Golf Tips Todd Elliott [email protected] This game will make you crazy. Golf has so much time in between shots — so much time to think about all the bad things that can happen. I compare it to shooting a free throw in basketball. Nothing to stop the free throw; all the time in the world to think about what could go wrong. Many times, a professional basketball player is a great scorer, but has a dreadful free throw shooting average. This player does well reacting to the defense and makes the plays with their athleticism. Put them at the free ... Read More »

Prevent Breast Cancer with Exercise!


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres [email protected] You’ve heard time and time again that exercise is good for you, but did you know that it is so good for you that it could help ward off breast cancer? Studies have shown promising results. According to Cancer.gov, “Exercising four or more hours a week may decrease hormone levels and help lower breast cancer risk. The effect of exercise on breast cancer risk may be greatest in premenopausal woman of normal or low weight.” They also note that whenever adolescent girls workout regularly, it provides an equally effective protection. The best case scenario would be ... Read More »

Welcome to the World Elijah Manjarres


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres [email protected] This is is part two of my labor and delivery story; I last left off with my body getting ready to push… My body wants to push, the only problem is that no amount of pushing yields any results. I can feel my energy flagging due to extreme nausea from the pain. I could only manage a couple of bites of watermelon and some coconut water. The extra carbs I had eaten earlier had already been burned through and just as an athlete needs to refuel during a grueling race, I needed to do the same ... Read More »

Lose Your Ego and Find Yourself


Body, Mind And Spirit Dianne Saywell [email protected] EGO: What comes to mind when you see this word? Self concept. Character. Identity. Self image. Your innermost self evaluation based upon perception formed by various experiences over time. It is a very personal concept that can only be looked at by the owner. SACRED SELF: Free of ego and able to perceive life beyond the self. Hard to imagine when the world is often defined by our very own needs and wants. Why wouldn’t it be? We need to survive and thrive. The sacred self holds truth in trust that, even without our ... Read More »

Mind, Body & Spirit


By Dianne Saywell “Be faithful in small things, because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Theresa When we think about the world around us, collectively and as individuals, it seems it is inevitable that our focus is self-pointed and in accordance to our needs. They may be for such things as strength, power, money, comfort or love. The ability to change our own lives, and as a result, perhaps plant the seed for others to empower change in their lives, is found within our very own self. Not ANYWHERE else. And it begins with thought. Our ... Read More »

Summer: the Time to Gain?


FITNESS DIVA Crystal Manjarres [email protected] or those of you who have been following my fit pregnancy journey, here is a recent update: I am now going to prenatal appointments twice a month and while I was shocked that I had gained five pounds last month, I was in for an even bigger surprise this time! Throughout my journey thus far, I had gained one pound, then two pounds a month, then one month three pounds, then last month five pounds—my midwife said that the baby went through a growth spurt and he’ll be putting on those last layers of fat ... Read More »

Until I say Good-Bye: My Year of Living with Joy


At the age of 44 Susan Spenser-Wendel, a Palm Beach Post reporter, was told that she had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or as it is more commonly known, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. There is no cure for this disease and sooner or later it is fatal as muscles lose their strength throughout the body. Her first sign of there being something wrong was when she noticed that her left hand had gotten thinner and weaker. Many of us would give up all hope and rail against the unfairness of our situation. But Susan, with a husband and three children, decided that ... Read More »

GETTING STARTED: Expert tips on where and how to


LADY ANGLER’S CORNER Capt. Mary Fink  [email protected]  In the mangrove maze of South Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands, fish are plentiful. The key to productive fishing, however, often depends upon your ability to find the fish and to use the existing environmental conditions to your advantage. Among these conditions are factors like water temperature, depth, wind direction and strength, tidal exchange, moon phase and structure. This author believes that, of these factors, tidal exchange and the presence of structure are most important, as structure provides habitat and tidal movement provides forage or food for fish, especially during an incoming tide. Structure ... Read More »

Still Keeping Islanders Fit & Happy!

By Coastal Breeze News Staff Where do you begin in explaining the importance of an establishment that has served our community for over 32 years? Maybe we should begin with the cheerfulness you feel and hear from those who have been attending the gym since it opened. It is affectionately called the “Cheers” of Marco or “Joe’s Gym” from the movie Dodge Ball. It is our own little gem of the Island and there are some very good reasons why it is. The gym was first started by Bert & Jann Brewer who knew the importance of staying fit. They ... Read More »